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Heartwarming Military Reunion at Chicago Bulls Game

Heartwarming Military Reunion at Chicago Bulls GamePV2 Kamka had been stationed in South Korea for the last year and was recently gran…
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Military Dad Surprises His Sons at College Basketball Game

Lt. Col. Christopher Davis surprises his family with an early return home from overseas at the Alabama vs. Ole Miss Basketball game on 2/26/2014. Welcome Home!
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Amazing Reunion Between Army Specialist and Her Military Husband

“My name is Specialist Carol Stinson and my husband Sergeant Jordan Stinson and we had a very long separation in 2013. He left for Afghanistan in February 2013 and then I found out I was to leave for Kuwait in August 2013. With both of us being deployed, I missed out on his deployment homecoming [...]Welcome Home Blog

A Heartwarming Military Reunion on The Ellen Show

Jessica Gerren thought she was here to watch a taping of the show. What she didn’t know was that her husband, who was serving overseas, had returned and was backstage waiting to surprise her. This may be the most touching reunion in the history of the show. Welcome Home Blog

Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement at the Return of Her Military Dad

“My normally very quiet, low-key beagle/basset mix, Lola, expressing her excitement for the return of her daddy from deployment!”
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The Civilian Who Provoked Outrage After Wearing a Military Uniform Speaks Out — and What You Learn Might Change Your Opinion of Him

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Dad Instantly in Tears Upon Being Surprised at Work by His Military Son, Home From Afghanistan

“I’ve been a family friend for many years. His dad is one of my best friends. It was hard to keep this a secret for so long!” -Scott K.
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Sisters Close Eyes, Open Them to Find Military Dad Home From Deployment

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Amazing Military Homecoming Surprise at Portland Trail Blazers Game

A heartwarming surprise reunion between a mom and her soldier son at a Portland Trail Blazers game this past weekend.
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A Touching Reunion Between a Military Dad and His Children

“We had the honor of capturing this special moment when a sailor reunited with his children by surprising them at their school in Canton, Ohio. A great reminder of the many sacrifices made by some to keep us free! Today started out as a typical school day for Carter & Paige. Little did they know their [...]Welcome Home Blog

The Russian Military

The events in the Ukraine have made Putin nervous. To make sure the world and his own people know that Russia is still a force to be reckoned with he has ordered a large scale military exercise to ensure his troops are combat ready. [...]…

Military Vet With Service Dog Kicked Out of Texas Restaurant…and Got Outrageous Response From a Cop

“‘I don’t see why you need the dog.’”

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Girl Surprised by Military Dad at Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game

Staff Sergeant Christopher Egan surprises his daughter Angelina during the Hurricanes game vs. Montreal on February 8. Welcome Home!
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College Basketball Player Surprised By Her Military Brother, Home From Afghanistan

Meghan, a senior basketball player at Albright College, was surprised by her brother, William, right before her final collegiate basketball game. He had been deployed in Afghanistan for the past year.
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Military Dad Surprises 3-Year-Old Daughter On Her Birthday

“The #1 Perk of returning from Afghanistan around your 3 year old’s birthday: surprising her!” -Joshua C.
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