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Armed customer halts syringe-wielding attacker, The Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Mich. 03/25/14

An admitted heroin addict was confronted outside a Home Depot in Roseville, Mich. by two loss prevention officers that suspected him of shoplifting. When the employees tried to apprehend the man, he responded by drawing a syringe from his jacket and slashing at the personnel, striking one of the employees several times. A customer, and Right-to-Car…

Pizza delivery driver fells robber, The Observer & Eccentric, Detroit, Mich. 10/25/13

A pizza delivery driver for restaurant Hungry Howie’s was working his shift in Redford, Mich. when a group of men attempted to rob him. As the delivery driver was confronted by a member of the group, he drew a gun and fired at the robber, killing him and causing his accomplices to flee. Police captured the other thieves a short time later. The robbers face armed robbery and gun charges, with bail set at $ 250,000. 

Pawn shop employee fells robber, WWJ, Detroit, Mich. 08/01/13

Three armed men entered the Detroit Pawn Shop in Hamtramck, Mich. and attempted to rob the store. A store employee responded to the threat by firing at the criminals, killing one and ending the robbery. Following the incident, Hamtramck Police Chief Max Garbarino noted that the shooting appeared to be a case of self-defense. Garbarino went on to tell a local news outlet, “Frankly, I’ll be honest, it’s pretty stupid for anyone to try and rob someone in Hamtramck… Most of … our store owners are armed.”