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Is Martin O’Malley ‘the biggest loser’ of the 2014 elections?

“Brown losing is directly tied to him and his policies.”
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Rand Paul Invokes Martin Luther King Jr. to Slam Obama, Others on NSA Spying

“I find it ironic that the first African-American president has without compunction allowed this vast exercise of raw power by the NSA.”

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San Francisco 49ers Acquire Jonathan Martin From Miami Dolphins

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‘Pure Hate’: Blaze Readers React to Martin Bashir Resigning From MSNBC

“This is a healthy sign of at least somewhat of a change in public attitude! Could the majority of Americans be waking up finally?”

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‘I move on and I charge forth’: Sarah Palin responds to Martin Bashir’s ‘evil’ comments [video]

Palin takes the high road.
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‘Why?’ Mother of Trayvon Martin to testify at Senate ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearing

Before his trial began, George Zimmerman waived his right to a “stand your ground” immunity hearing. Eventually, Zimmerman’s acquittal was based on pure self-defense, which is why many are having trouble figuring out why the mother of Trayvon Martin has been asked to testify before the Senate at a hearing examining “Stand Your Ground” laws:

‘Dishonoring the dream’: T-shirts equating Trayvon Martin and MLK for sale in DC [pic]

Martin Luther King Jr. and Trayvon Martin together on a t-shirt? Sadly, yes. And not even pictured separately on the same shirt, but morphed together as the same person:

Beyond ludicrous:

The Turmoil Continues: Police Arrest 17 Pro-Trayvon Martin ‘Protesters’ in Calif. After Mob Tries to Storm Mall

Police arrested 17 pro-Trayvon Martin so-called protesters in Victorville, Calif., after a mob attempted to storm a shopping mall and a group of youths opened items at a gas station and left without paying.

The majority of the arrests were for unlawful assembly and eight who were arrested were under the age of 18, according to a law enforcement spokesperson.

Trayvon Martin Luther King Jr. makes brief appearance on Capitol Hill

Marsha Fudge

Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, left that ridiculous image up for 9 minutes before deleting it.

She’s on quite a roll today.

(Via Politwoops.)


Rep. Marcia Fudge: ‘Zimmerman was found not guilty, he was not found innocent’

Ludicrous: Van Jones posts image of Martin Luther King Jr. in a hoodie; Updated

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Lib journalists shower praise on absurd Trayvon Martin cartoon

Never allow a crisis to go to waste. What else could explain MSM journalists’ love for this nauseating cartoon by Lalo Alcaraz?

Adrian Carrasquillo writes for Buzzfeed, while David Beard manages digital content for the Washington Post.

Politico reporter Juana Summers was similarly moved:

Cory Booker: Trayvon Martin was killed because he was walking in his neighborhood

Wait. What?