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Viral Video Marks 41 Years of Abortions in 5 Minutes: “My Generation Will End Abortion”

The pro-life group Texas Alliance for Life has released an inspiring video that tallies 41 years of legalized abortion under Roe v. Wade in just five minutes. The viral has already received almost 16,000 views in just one day. “This year marks 41 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s tragic Roe v. Wade decision that […]…

Obama lied, #MyHealthPlanDied: Monday marks Day of Mourning & Protest for cancelled insurance

President Obama repeatedly promised “if you like your plan, you can keep it” during his sales pitch for Obamacare. The New York Times covered for Obama, saying the president “misspoke,” and White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer recently updated the promise to “if you like your plan and it hasn’t already been changed or canceled, you can keep it.”

Enough is enough.

Government gets poor marks on protecting gun rights

Asked to size up how the government is doing on protecting a variety of rights and freedoms spelled out in the Bill of Rights and federal law, Americans pointed to slippage almost everywhere but most dramatically on the matters of guns and voting rights. The impression of a declining track record on guns rights turned up everywhere: among Republicans and Democrats, men and women, young and old, city dwellers and those in small towns.