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The saluting boy on Omaha beach

Marines Surprises Family When Coming Home From Leave

Marines Surprises Family When Coming Home From LeaveI’m a Marine stationed in Hawaii and I went on leave and wanted to surpris…
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How One Tiny Change (Deisgned by Marines) in How You Tie Your Shoes Could Change Your Year

The time it takes to tie your shoelaces is probably so minuscule that you don’t even think about how you could make it faster. But for members of the military or others wearing lace-up boots, saving seconds on this piece of attire could be important in situations where they count the most.

Designed by Marines, the patent-pending TacLace, is a simple device that helps reduce boot lace tying by about half the usual lace-up time.

A U.S. Marine’s Surprise Homecoming To His Two Daughters

Two sisters in Rochester got a big surprise Friday when their father came home early after serving months in Afghanistan!
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Marines Celebrate Returning Home With a Huge Pillow Fight Aboard the Airplane

What is the best way for a plane full of U.S. Marines to celebrate their safe return home? A pillow fight, of course! Welcome home. (We’ve shared this one in the past, but love it so much that we wanted to feature it again. Also, there is a bit of adult language in this one.)

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