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‘This race looks like it’s decided': Des Moines Register poll shows Joni Ernst at 51 percent

“This race looks like it’s decided.”
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Czary resemblance: Guy in 2001 Holiday Inn ‘Ebola’ ad looks familiar [video]

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‘What moral leadership looks like': Benjamin Netanyahu lambastes UN ‘Terrorist Rights Council’

Bonus points: He said it AT THE U.N.
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Caught on GoPro: This is What a Marine Beach Assault Looks Like

‘Twin Dragons’ exercise footage shows views from inside amphibious vehicles.

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The Niagara Falls Looks Stunning When Partially Frozen Over

The Niagara Falls are stunning to start with, but when partially frozen over it becomes a whole different kind of stunning. …

Creepy: DCCC graphic looks like ‘sadistic porn involving John Boehner’

What’s House Speaker John Boehner doing with red tape over his mouth? That is a little creepy. https://twitter.com/TarheelKrystle/status/430839599070728192 https://twitter.com/rachelveronica/status/430839726279389184 Turns out it’s part of a new campaign by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to root out “fake” G…
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What It Looks Like to Shoot Boiling Water From a Squirt Gun in Sub-Zero Temps

“Woke up to a balmy -41C this morning…”

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Ouch: Here’s what President Obama’s downhill approval rating looks like

That’s quite a slide.
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Americans Step Up, Show What Personal Responsibility Looks Like in Effort to Help Houston Cop and His Wife in Time of Need

Tragedy hit a family in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 15 when Harris County deputy constable Joe Williams and his wife, Laurie, were badly injured in a tollbooth collision. A garbage truck hit their vehicle going about 65 mph while they were stopped and paying the toll.

The driver of the garbage truck blew through the toll area and hit two other cars before the vehicle burst into flames, killing the driver and another person.

‘Looks like a great presidential ticket’: Mia Love and Allen West together in Utah [pic]

Mia Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and has announced she’ll run again against incumbent Jim Matheson for his U.S. House seat. Love appeared at an event with former U.S. Rep. Allen West:

One or both of them will likely be back in politics at the national level before too long.

“This is what feminism looks like”

Under the sharia…..
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What a State Atty. General (and Candidate for Governor) Looks Like in the Middle of an Underage Alcohol Party

There was a time when alcohol-fueled teen parties either went silent or busted at the seams if an adult walked in.

But not only did the sweaty shindig pictured below continue apace after a grownup showed up (he’s in the middle wearing the long-sleeved white-collared shirt holding a cell phone) — the adult in question is Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler Photographed at Underage Alcohol Party

Image source: Instagram via Baltimore Sun

‘Bill looks pumped’: What’s Clinton thinking at sit-down with President Obama?

This afternoon, President Obama appeared at the Clinton Global Initiative conference to talk Obamacare with former President Bill Clinton. In exchange, Clinton is expected to play salesman later this week and give a speech urging uninsured Americans to sign up with the Obamacare state exchanges.

Clinton really did look pumped to appear at the Democratic National Convention last year, and the crowd loved him. There, though, he was the star guest. Here, he’s the gracious host, and he looks … like the subject of a caption contest.

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Find Out Why This Dog Looks So Incredibly Happy

It has been a dreadfully serious few weeks in the world news. So, here’s a change of pace if you need it.

This picture of a dog seemingly smiling from ear-to-ear while getting a head massage just might put a smile on your face as well.

Find Out Why This Dog Is So Happy


The photo was posted on Reddit with the caption, “Absolute happiness.”

“[T]his photo shows that even pets need to de-stress sometimes,” the Huffington Post notes.

13 Unreal Photos Show What It Looks Like to Bore a Subway Tunnel in NYC

Last week, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority updated its Flickr page with stunning new photos showing progress on its subway system’s East Side Access project.

The photos give a rarely seen view into what goes into making a subway tunnel.

Take a look:

The MTA’s website states that the project burrows 120 feet below the city’s streets. To do so uses tunnel boring machines, a process which began in 2009 and was completed in 2011. The caverns being excavated (pictured above) are expected to be complete in 2012.