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Oregon: Gun control debate likely to intensify

Opponents of additional gun restrictions have bottled up bills calling for stricter criminal background checks for gun purchasers. Attempts to find middle ground by focusing on keeping firearms out of the hands of those with mental illness have foundered.House Judiciary Chairman Jeff Barker, D-Aloha, and a critic of gun control, agreed that Tuesday…

Watching This Breathtaking Video Is Likely as Close as You’ll Ever Come to BASE Jumping Off NYC’s Freedom Tower

This stunt has them in court.

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Rich Americans More Likely to Favor Taxpayer Funding of Abortions for Poor Women

In early January, George Mason University Law Professor Helen Alvare testified before a congressional committee about the need for the federal government to “once and for all” remove itself from involvement with funding of abortions. Her testimony brought to light many truths, including one that is an embarrassment for a country and people that…

Study: Women Who Have Abortion 636% More Likely to Have Breast Cancer

A new study of women from India shows women who get an induced abortion are 626% more likely to have breast cancer compared with women who carry their pregnancies to term and have the baby. The study found women more likely to have breast cancer had “higher number of abortions.” This study follows closely after […]…

Dead Newborn Baby Found in Shoplifter’s Bag Was Born Alive, Likely Asphyxiated

A teenage girl at the center of an infanticide case now faces homicide charges after reports showed the dead newborn child found in her Victoria’s Secret bag was born alive and then likely asphyxiated to death.

Tiona Rodriguez and Francis Estevez, both 17, were stopped for suspected shoplifting and a security guard found the baby’s body inside a bag. After questioning, Rodriguez told police officers that she had suffered a miscarriage the day before and did not know what to do.