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Obama returns to the land of Blagojevich just to annoy Jonah Goldberg [pics]

Back to the political swamp from whence he came.
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Tourists Killed in Egypt Bus Bombing Were Devout Christians Who Had Saved for Years to Make Pilgrimage to Biblical Land

“My mother was a devout Christian…I don’t know how such a thing could happen.”

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In The Land Of Niger

Niger in Africa is one of the world’s largest producers of uranium, and one of its biggest customers is France’s state-owned nuclear company Areva. France depends on nuclear power for three-quarters of its electricity, making it more reliant on [...]…

Alaska slams feds for keeping hunters off land

Alaska lawmakers accused the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviceof violating federal law by shutting down hunting on its lands during the government shutdown, saying a 1980 law guarantees state residents must have access to the land.

Make a journey to the animated fairy land with Fantasy Garden Animated Wallpaper.

Here is an animated fairy land where a tree is really a clock. Its twisted trunk looks like Merlin’s robes. The branches may or may not be a tree house. That may be a cuddly white dog or maybe it’s a tiny white pony. Watch where you step, and always keep a good look over your shoulder.

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Senate to vote on the Federal Land Seizure Act on Thursday

Federal Land Seizure Act of 2012.
Gun Owners of America

Federal Land Seizure Act Resuscitating Itself from the Dead

“Looks like GOA defeated Goliath. Nice work.”
Gun Owners of America