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‘You got to go, lady': Time for bumbling Secret Service director to hit the road?

“Far better have resigned for far less.”
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First lady: By some measures, schools as segregated as they were in 1968

Fortunately, it’s only by some measures.
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PETA shames first lady for use of real eggs in White House Easter egg roll [video]

“You’re better than this.”
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Lady smarts, not parts! Tammy Bruce crushes Wendy Davis with key reason to support Greg Abbott

Win. As Twitchy reported, Wendy Davis took to Twitter to blame her opponent in the Texas gubernatorial race for the lies in her bio. The Patriarchy must have made her lie or something! She can’t be expected to take responsibility for her own actions or anything. Sheesh! Also a win? Tammy Bruce’s key reason to […] Twitchy » US Politics

Does Lady Gaga Really Need to Add the ‘World’s First Flying Dress’ to Her Mildly Eclectic Wardrobe? Apparently, Yes

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

NEW YORK (AP) — Lady Gaga has donned more than her share of atypical evening wear in the past. She’s worn a dress made of bubbles, a dress made of Kermit the Frog dolls…and who can forget her dress made out of meat?

Now it appears the “Applause” singer is aiming for that great big fashion runway in the sky.

Lady Gaga Unveils Flying Dress at NYC Album Party

(Image source: Lady Gaga official YouTube page)

Lusty Lady Strip Club Closes It’s Doors

The Lusty Lady strip club is something of a local landmark in San Francisco. It is the only strip club in the world actually owned by the ladies who work in it. Not only that but the ladies are also part of a union. Take that feminists. Unfortunately […]

Lady Gaga, Morello, Cusack, O’Donnell: Celebs tweet support for Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison (reportedly eligible for parole in seven) for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, and many celebs took to Twitter to defend him:

First lady Michelle Obama: Maxing out would be baller

Both the president and first lady attended fundraisers tonight, but it was Michelle Obama who seemed to show the clearest understanding of her husband’s fiscal policy. In short, maxing out on donations to the party that wants to grow government would be totally baller.

Lady Gaga

Mariah Carey has her Little Sheep. Justin Bieber has his Beliebers and Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters.

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

A fan of U.S. singer Lady Gaga writes her name on her skin as she waits for her performance at the gay pride parade concert in downtown Rome. Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

Lady Gaga fan blows kiss to camera as she waits in line outside album-signing event for Lady Gaga’s new release "Born This Way" in New York City. Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters