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‘They will jump, they mean it’! Is this DCCC’s most pathetic email yet? [screenshots]

“@DCCC could you be MORE doom & gloom?”
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Connecticut: Pistol permits jump after shooting

Pistol permit applications in Newtown skyrocketed in the five months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December, exceeding the entire totals for both 2011 and 2012.

Adorable Viral Video: ‘Lexi the Rescue’ Dog Trusts Her Owner So Much, She Will Jump Into His Arms From ANY Height

A YouTube video showcasing a rescue dog’s amazing balancing acts has gone viral — but some viewers are even more in awe of the stunning amount of trust the once troubled animal has in her owner.

Lexi, a rescue Border Collie-Labrador mix, was adopted by her loving owner, Katerina Jansen, about four years ago. The dog was severely underweight and had some behavioral issues before being adopted. It’s a true testament as to what a little love and care can do for a dog.

‘I was going to jump out of the cake’: Hillary Clinton wows Center for American Progress

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the Center for American Progress at the liberal think tank’s 10th anniversary today, and even though she hasn’t formally declared her 2016 run for president, it would be wise to see every speech as a preview of the inevitable campaign.

That was just the parting zinger, though. Clinton had plenty more to say at #CAP10, and she managed to fit it in 10 minutes.

Free Registry Jump

Free Registry Jump enables you to quickly jump to a specific registry key or value by simply pasting the registry path like an URL into a browser. When you hit the “Jump” button, the program will ope….
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