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‘In the shadows?!’: Colorado to issue driver’s licenses to illegals Friday

Laura Ingraham’s followers aren’t fans of the idea.
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CheatBook Issue 02/2014

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Running for Texas Governor, Abortion is a Losing Issue for Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis’s recent entrance into the race for Texas governor has garnered national media attention. A few weeks ago, Democratic political consultant Jason Stanford authored a Politico op-ed claiming that Davis’s position on abortion will actually help her during her upcoming campaign. His primary argument involves polling data that purportedly shows significant percentages of moderates, suburbanites, and soft Republicans in Texas think abortion should be a “legal and personal choice.”

Faced With NRA Legal Action Canyon High School and Orange Unified School District Issue Apology to Student Who Wore NRA T-Shirt

Haley Bullwinkle, the sophomore at Canyon High School in Orange County, California, and her parents have received an unconditional apology from Michael Christensen, the Superintendent of Schools, Orange County Unified School District, for the school’s indefensible actions after attorneys from the National Rifle Association contacted the school dictrict.  Ms. Christensen was ordered to change her NRA shirt by a school staff member and was referred to the school counseling office by a security officer after her t-shirt was deemed to depict violence. 

Wedgie issue? Wash. ad suggests not enrolling in state exchange could be painful [pic]

Funny … as we see it, Obamacare is the real pain in our butts.



‘Is LSD covered?’: Oregon’s new ad promoting O-care exchange must be seen to be believed 

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Survey: Most Americans say abortion is moral issue

When it comes to issues involving human embryos, most Americans think that having an abortion is a moral issue, according to a new survey analysis by the Pew Research Center. By contrast, the public does not view stem cell research or in vitro fertilization as much of a moral issue as they do abortion.

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Abortions Kill Babies, They’re Not Just a Policy Issue

The Daily Show’s John Oliver caught Secular Pro-Life’s attention because of an ignorant remark he made about a North Carolina Senate bill that addressed both abortion safety regulations and Sharia law. Oliver said, “Let me just understand this: You’re adding abortion restrictions to legislation banning the making of laws based upon religious belief. That’s like passing a bill banning high fructose corn syrup, and adding a provision naming the state animal the gummy bear!”

Krauthammer: ‘Double Standard Is the Real Issue’ in DOJ Scandal

Charles Krauthammer said the main issue surrounding the Department of Justice scandal is the double standard with which the administration deals with leaks.

“I think you have to distinguish between the demand for a leak investigation and doing the unprecedented of naming a reporter as a co-conspirator,” said Krauthammer on Fox News’ Special Report. Looking into what could be a national security threat is one thing, he said, but “the other type of leak, the type that would pump up the president,” is handled quite a bit differently.

That’s the story? Jaw-dropping NYT headline on IRS scandal: ‘Gives GOP an issue to seize on’

Bingo. But not to lapdogs who are too busy begging for an extra bowl of kibble.

Yep. Remember, the media turned Romney’s statement on Benghazi into a date that will live in infamy. 

The fish wrap of record finally promoted the IRS’ targeting of conservatives to the first page, after attempting to bury it.

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Biden Says President May Issue Executive Order on Guns

New York Governor and others call for confiscation
Gun Owners of America