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US troops repel Islamic State (ISIS) attack on Iraqi base

100 US troops beat back these savages. If Obama hadn’t rushed to remove our troops from Iraq without any plan or realistic assessment of what was likely to happen when they left, the savages wouldn’t control any territory there at all. “American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by […]…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Three American Muslim teens caught trying to join the Islamic State

They rose before dawn to to pray with their father and siblings at their neighborhood in a suburb of Chicago, From there the two teen brother and their 17-year-old sister took off to fight alongside the Islamic State in the cause of jihad. Raised in America, they grew up playing basketball and watching “Dragon Tales”  […]…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

On Twitter, Islamic State (ISIS) Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Jihad Attacks

UAE-designated terror group CAIR and the Islamic State are both looking to exploit the horror of Ferguson to advance their Islamic supremacist goals. Hamas-CAIR has been agitating and inciting for Ferguson unrest for months — here and here. On Twitter, ISIS Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Lone-Wolf Attacks, MEMRI, Novem…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

‘Follow my every word and you too will have a Rolex’; Islamic State leader wears luxury watch to first-ever public address

“The caliph has a swaggy watch.”
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Islamic Jew-hating “moderate” Muslim Hussein Ibish Bashes Columnist Jeff Jacoby as He Searches for Missing Son

Islamic Jew-hatred cannot be contained even at a time when religion, politics, etc. have no role. The hatred ingrained in Islam is so elemental, so much a part of the DNA of that vicious ideology, that in America when a newspaper man’s son is missing, the “moderate” Muslim Jew-haters go in for the kill. Any human being with a modicum of decency and…
Atlas Shrugs

Syria may spawn ‘Islamic emirate’ world must deal with, says Iraq’s top diplomat

This Iraqi top diplomat must be some crazy islamophobe. Lord knows that when I say it or any of my colleagues warn of the danger, we get taken to the proverbial woodshed. We have been warning of this very real and present danger for years. It’s funny, we have been right about everything all along — all of it — and yet we are still blacklisted fro…
Atlas Shrugs

Syria: Jihad Groups Unite To Form ‘The Islamic Front’

Obama is working with these savages. This is what America has become under this quisling. Obama should be backing the Kurds (who recently established an independent state) and the religious minorities that would be safe there. Syria: Islamist Groups Unite To Form ‘The Islamic Front’ MEMRI Seven Islamist groups announced the formation of “The Islami…
Atlas Shrugs

Islamic Clerics: ‘NATO Supplies Carry Goods For The Kuffar [Infidels] Which Are Used Against Muslims And Islam; As Per Sharia, It Is A Duty On The Rulers To Stop Them’

The “first Sharia-based justification” for attacking NATO, the US and her allies was offered by Islamic clerics. It will be just short of amusing to listen to the apologists and taqiyya dissemblers explain how Islamic clerics are getting it wrong, you know — “misunderstanding” Islam. Queue up, “blame the islamophobes!” Pakistani Clerics: ‘NATO Sup…
Atlas Shrugs

FBI Report Further Debunks, Exposes Islamic Supremacist Myths and Lies

The latest FBI report bears out what I have been reporting for years. We see the Islamic pattern: Muslims create faked hate incidents in order to prove their bogus victimhood narrative. The media will always report on the “hate crime” but barely cover the follow-up story that it was Muslims who committed the crimes. The Muslim obsession with this e…
Atlas Shrugs

British Students Threatened With “Racial Discrimination Note” For Skipping Islamic Field Trip

Refusal to allow your child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career. How severe the dhimmis are in enforcing, promoting dawah (proselytizing for Islam, a religious mandate). How stern. If only they had such convicti…
Atlas Shrugs

“Boston Bomber ‘Tortured’ With Catered Islamic Meals”

This savage “made it clear in his confession note that he wanted to inspire other Muslims to commit acts of terrorism against Americans.” He and his devout brother blew up women and children, families, on the streets of an American city. A Rolling Stone cover, catered halal meals and an ACLU lawsuit for Boston jihad mass murderer Tsarnaev to be “cu…
Atlas Shrugs

VIDEO: Islamic Cleric Proudly Smashes the Statue of the Virgin Mary

More" interfaith dialogue" and "Muslim outreach" from our Islamic betters. These religious leaders smash the statue of the virgin Mary and the crowd chants "takbir!" "Allahu Akbar!"

Obama say, "respect it!"

And Muslims want to kill us if we damage the Koran. (thanks to Jack) 

Wahhabi Cleric Breaks the Statue of the Virgin Mary: We Won't Accept Anything but Wahhabism in Syria

Putin Reportedly Agrees to Visit Iran to Assist Islamic Regime with Nuclear Strategy

On the heels of Russia’s apparently successful diplomatic agreement with the U.S. to avert a strike against Syria, President Vladimir Putin has reportedly agreed to travel to Iran to help work out a strategy for its nuclear program.

Putin Reportedly Agrees to Visit Iran to Assist Islamic Regime with Nuclear Strategy

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rowhani as they meet on the sidelines of a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, on September 13, 2013.  (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Sharyl Attkisson reviews trail of Benghazi talking points; references to Islamic extremism, jihad removed

Last November, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson issued a series of tweets in an attempt to untangle the web of Benghazi talking points woven by the CIA, the State Department and the White House. Months later, she’s at it again. Are we any closer to knowing the truth, or is it time to settle for Jay Carney’s “blame Romney” spin?

CNN’s Candy Crowley Interrupts Herself, Apologizes for Saying Boston Suspect Posted ‘Islamic’ Videos

CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday started to say that deceased Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev had posted “Islamic videos” online before apologizing and calling them “terrorist videos.”

Melissa Harris-Perry: Boston Bombing Suspects’ Islamic Faith Is as Irrelevant as Ben Affleck Movies in Investigation

Melissa Harris Perry: Boston Bombing Suspects Islamic Faith Is Irrelevant to Investigation

(Photo: MSNBC)

Seemingly ignoring FBI-confirmed evidence that at least one of the suspected Boston bombers was a likely follower of radical Islam, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry this weekend argued that the alleged terrorists’ Muslim faith is currently irrelevant in the investigation into the attack.