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The Logging Industry In Nigeria

Nigeria is among the biggest users of solid fuel for cooking, with over 120 million Nigerians relying on firewood and charcoal for their cooking needs, according to the International Energy Agency. Nigeria lost just over two million hectares of […]…

Operation Choke Point: Choking off Credit to The Gun Industry

Banking regulations being misused to choke off the exercise of Second Amendment rights? Surely such a thing couldn’t happen here in the United States of America….

Abortion Industry Welfare: It Pays Planned Parenthood to be a Big Fat Zero

What do you get when you fail to meet stated annual goals, reduce unhealthy outcomes, yet increase the number of deaths of human beings? Rewarded. Yes, Planned Parenthood gets rewarded with taxpayer-funded welfare each year for failing. Despite their Healthy People goals set in states across the country and federally with the CDC (e.g. Healthy [&#8…

U.S. Ammunition Industry to Survive Closure of Lead Smelter

We previously reported on the closure of the nation’s last primary lead smelter due to tightened EPA standards on ambient air quality.  As the date for closure of the smelter approaches, there has been a significant amount of speculation concerning the effect of the smelter’s closure on the availability and price of ammunition….

The Abortion Industry Puts the Con in Population Control

Control. Someone has it. And, too often, it’s not you. We live in a culture that has disdain for self-control, unfortunately allowing all kinds of forces to remotely control so many aspects of our lives and the very definition of our humanity.

My Daddy’s Name Is Donor: A Glaring Problem With the Fertility Industry

Many cultural commentators and media talking heads have labelled the 21st century the “surveillance age,” citing the increasingly omnipresent eye of the state and the slowly shrinking segment of our daily lives that remains unrecorded by the faceless automatons of government bureaucracy.

Abortion Access in America: How the Abortion Industry Demands Special Treatment

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — In a column Friday, the Guttmacher Institute writes lamenting of the great distances women have to travel to obtain an abortion, noting one-third of women have to travel more than 25 miles for this elective surgery. Reading this is a little like reading about how a rich kid had to get a used Honda instead of a new Mercedes.

The story says:

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