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George H.W. Bush hospitalized; haters emerge on cue

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Pro-Abortion Study Admits Thousands of Women Hospitalized Every Year From Botched Abortions

What if you walked into the waiting room of any of the country’s abortion clinics and told the young mothers waiting there in the lobby that there’s a new study indicating that the “procedure” they’re about to undergo will, in the coming year, send thousands of women to the emergency room or back to the […]…

One of Most Critically Injured HS Stabbing Victims Is Improving; Three Others Also Remain Hospitalized

Jared Boger, 17, was stabbed in the chest, the blade plunging nearly to his spine and missing his heart by fractions of an inch.

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Neo-Nazis Attack Group Protesting Them in Sweden; 28 Arrested, 4 Hospitalized

A neo-Nazi group called the Swedish Resistance Movement claimed responsibility for the attack.

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