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Soldier Surprises Family by Hiding in Their House

Soldier Surprises Family by Hiding in Their HouseAfter 10 months in Kuwait, SPC Elmore surprises his family with his early return!!! P…
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What is Assad hiding? National Security Advisor Susan Rice asks, Twitter answers

Whether the United States should intervene in Syria is open to debate, but one thing is settled: that red line the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew in the sand last year has faded into invisibility. In an interview broadcast today on CNN, President Obama called this week’s reports of a chemical weapons attack “something that is going to require America’s attention.”

Watertown, Mass. Homeowner on Cigarette Break Finds Smoking Gun in Boston Bombing Case Hiding in His Boat

Watertowns David Henneberry Finds Second Boston Bombing Suspect in His Boat

Dave Henneberry of Watertown, Mass. discovered alleged terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding out in his boat. (Credit: PICASA)

David Henneberry, an avid boater and member of the Watertown Yacht Club, walked outside to smoke a cigarette just after Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick lifted the curfew on Boston residents at 6 p.m. Friday.

Puffing away, Henneberry noticed the tarp that covered his rare, 22-foot pleasure cruiser—a white Seahawk with blue trim and a fiberglass hull, reported the New York Daily News—wasn’t on correctly.