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Cars are hard: EPA aims for cleverness, crashes and burns instead

This is what happens when government bureaucrats try to be cute: Nissan had the most improved greenhouse gas emissions and gas mileage in 2013. Zoom zoom. #FuelEconomy — U.S. EPA (@EPA) October 8, 2014 Ohhhh, so close! “@EPA: Nissan had most improved… gas mileage in 2013. Zoom zoom.” When the mpg testing agency doesn't even [&#8…
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DAYU Disk Master is virtual disk and backup software and checking hard disk’s health software.

DAYU Disk Master is a handy and reliable software solution that delivers an inspired collection of utils for ramdisk, virtual disks and backup, recovery, clone, move/resize and checking the hard disk’s health and more, thus improving…
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Spelling is hard! Gov. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., campaign flyer promises to build a better ‘Minnesta’

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Audials One delivers music, movies and videos straight to your hard drive in the right format for your playback devices.

Record music MP3s, videos clips in WMV, find and listen to radio stations, watch music TV and subscribe to podcasts. Fill and manage Cloud services. Turn your own PC into a personal media Cloud, share media with friends, transfer to Windows…
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Gold Burn enables you to burn your desired media files from your hard disk.

Gold Burn provides you a series of tools to backup data, burn audio/video files to CD/DVD, create/burn/rip ISO images and erase discs to remove unwanted content. Incredibly easy to use for both beginners and advanced users, this top disc b…
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Easy Digital Photo Recovery can recover photos from any media, including flash cards and hard drives.

Easy Digital Photo Recovery is a program that offers a full range of photo recovery methods. It’s perfectly precise algorithms ensure the successful recovery of all types of picture files, including those of the most common formats, like …
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Soldier Dad Warned His Daughter About Keeping Her Room Clean. She Just Found Out the Hard Way He Wasn’t Kidding.

“Clean it next time.”

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SuperEasy Live Defrag cleans your hard disk fully automatically and restores performance immediately.

Having a cleaned-up hard disk drive means, for example, that applications run faster and the copying of files as well as the opening of photos is accelerated. SuperEasy Live Defrag cleans up fragmented hard disks automatically and intelligen…
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Hard Bass 2014

The real Hardstyle fans were going crazy in the Gelredome in the Dutch city of Arnhem last weekend, because the event Hard Bass 2014 was held in this soccer stadion. It is the biggest indoor event for party organisator b2s and more than 25.000 people [...]…

‘Because AMERICA!’ Must-read story of hard work, success and ‘making your own destiny’

You’ll see a lot of talk today about the expiration of long-term unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits for 1.3 million expire today CNN.it/1adh5cm via @CNNPolitics—   (@CNN) December 28, 2013 Read @CatsPolitics’ tweets for an inspiring story of how to “make your own destiny” in America. @LilMissRightie The …
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Delete unnecessary temporary files from your computer with 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer.

Hard Drive Washer offers users a chance to detect and delete temporary files and aims to speed up your system. The options menu allows users to focus their attention to specific drives or file types they wish to have removed from the co…
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Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks is a powerful, effective and easy-to-use program that monitors hard drive health.

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly lost all the data from your computer. Documents, e-mails, addresses, accounts. Passwords, photos, music, and video. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what will ha…
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University Upset After Video Showing Students Partying Incredibly Hard Goes Viral

“The university finds the video disappointing…”

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Hard Drive Inspector monitors hard drives for possible problems.

Hard Drive InspectorImagine how you would feel if you had suddenly lost all the data from your computer: all documents, e-mails, addresses, accounts, saved passwords, photos, music, and video. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what will happen when your hard drive, a computer part which stores information, crashes.

Tenorshare Data Backup performs full system backup persevering all your files and folders in the case of hard drive failure and restores them easily.

Tenorshare Data Backup is the easy-to-use data backup software. It allows you to perform full system backup, clone hard disk or partition, create backup image file for disk or partition, restore files from backed image file and more.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, you can backup all important data to external hard drive, USB disk, and other storage device, which makes your data stay 100% safe with you.