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Happy Chanukah!

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. I want to wish a very chag sameach to my yiddisha readers. It’s a joyous and wonderful holiday — a festival of lights. It is a story of victory and redemption. We celebrate the victory of the Jewish freedom fighters over evil. Some things never change, eh? The […]…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Happy Bill of Rights Day? Katie Pavlich calls surgeon general confirmation ‘a damn disaster’

Happy #BillofRightsDay?
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‘Happy Genocide Day’! Guilt-mongers start in on their Thanksgiving tradition [pics]

“Try not to wipe out an entire indigenous people this week, you bastards.”
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Happy Veterans Day 2014

Happy Veterans Day 2014A compilation of our troops returning home. Welcome Home Blog

80-odd years of happy

Sixty residents and staff at the Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch combined all their considerable talents to come up with this tribute, 80-odd years of happy. The residents wanted to show their children and grandchildren just what they’re made of!

‘My mentor, my friend’: Condoleezza Rice wishes Bush 41 happy birthday [pic]

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice remembered George H.W. Bush’s 90th birthday Thursday with a great #ThrowbackThursday photo. Happy 90th Birthday 41! My mentor, my friend, and a great tennis partner! #41 http://t.co/lUS2PWGKvP— Condoleezza Rice (@CondoleezzaRice) June 13, 2014 @CondoleezzaRice love the photo!— amy jewell …
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‘Happy Mother’s Day’: Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wife rappels down a building with Robertsons from ‘Duck Dynasty’ [pic]

Very cool!
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UFCW union not happy with President Obama speaking at Walmart

Friday won’t be the first time an Obama holds an event at a Walmart store. Last year, Michelle Obama took her “Let’s Move” message to a Walmart produce section in Springfield, Mo., where she “disgusted” some citizens who consider Walmart “the single biggest thing wrong with America.” Wait, WHY is Pres…
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‘A Future Beyond Your Failures’: Pastor and His Wife Reveal Surprising Step They Took to Build a Happy Marriage

“You know where you’re going to fail and that’s where you need to put those boundaries in place.”

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‘Enjoy the binging’: Kevin Spacey wishes Obama a happy ‘House of Cards’-a-thon

As Twitchy reported, the Associated Press practically went into fits of ecstasy over this @BarackObama tweet: Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please.— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) February 13, 2014 A pair of “House of Cards” actresses, as well as the show’s creator, got pretty excited themselves. Unfortunately, they did…
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Democratic Party Chair Wishes Roe v. Wade a “Happy Birthday”

A very sad phenomenon exists today, which is that the left conflates ‘women’s rights’ with killing unborn children in the womb.  The two are in fact mutually exclusive, because there are no other rights without the right to life.  That is true for unborn baby girls and unborn baby boys. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)Heritage […]…

Happy New Year!

Click the image and then drag in any direction, use the scroll-wheel to zoom, right-click for other options Me? I am going to dance all night. *Clink* to the fight, freedom lovers….
Atlas Shrugs

How a Far-Left Congressman Lost $18 Million in Scheme – and Why He’s Not Happy That You Know

“They should have been more careful, should have used my initials throughout rather than using my name.”

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Happy Halloween! Get your ‘Obamacare treats’ and show Sebelius some love outside White House today

Hold up now. If “Sibelius” is Kathleen Sebelius, we’re confused. There are people who want to publicly proclaim their support for the sneeringly dismissive, ridiculously spin-happy HHS secretary? Minds. Blown.

So, what do “Obamacare treats” look like anyway?

Happy Birthday, Kafir!

My dear friend and colleague Robert Spencer observes the 10-year anniversary of Jihadwatch today. The website Jihadwatch is a national treasure, an essential and critical tool in the information battle-space.

Who would have thought that in the decade since 911, Mr. Spencer and the few brave lone voices like his would be demonized and marginalized in the righteous fight for freedom.

Sellers Hawk “Happy Abortion” Greeting Cards and “Fetuses in Jars” on Etsy

Etsy, the internet’s famous and enormous online flea market, is full of weird nonsense, from crocheted tampons lovingly hand-crafted by hippies to the world’s most terrible art. But did you know some of that weird nonsense is abortion-related? The following are a few particularly horrible items for you to not consider buying.

The Abortion Greeting Card


Until that glorious day when Hallmark debuts an abortion section in the greeting card aisle, we’ll have to make do with handmade substitutes like this little gem from Snarky Card.

David Frum thinks armed civilians are making cops trigger happy

Even Piers “Musket” Morgan has cooled on the push for comprehensive gun control, but David Frum might have stumbled across a new argument to reinvigorate the debate. If fewer people had guns, police might not be so trigger happy.