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‘All they wanted to do was to push morphine, codeine’; Vets vent at town hall

“The only thing you’re waiting for at the VA is a funeral.”
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Video: Governor Who Signed Gun Registration Bill in Conn. Mentions the Constitution at Town Hall, Gets Called Out Perfectly by Heckler

“…we’ve got this thing called the Constitution, so it makes it a little difficult to do some of the things you suggest.”

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You Don’t Want to Cut Down an American Flag Near This City Hall Building in California

The flag was discovered undamaged and left on the ground.

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Colorado: Governor Hickenlooper to Address Town Hall in Craig on Monday

Governor John Hickenlooper has finally heeded calls from rural Coloradans who want their voices heard in response to the anti-gun legislation enacted this past session. Thanks to a petition circulated by local residents, Governor Hickenlooper will visit Craig for a town hall meeting on Monday….

Mississippi: Join House Speaker Philip Gunn at a Town Hall Event Near You and Thank Him for His Role in HB 2 Becoming Law

Between October 7-10, Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn will be conducting a listening tour across the state, seeking input on a wide range of issues from concerned citizens, including Mississippi gun owners and sportsmen

Mike Lee town hall: 91% of participants favor piecemeal over ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform

Coming out of a telephone-conducted town hall meeting with his constituents tonight, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, reported that a whopping 91% of participants are against the idea of a giant, comprehensive immigration reform package. Instead, they favor a step-by-step approach that would tackle each facet of the complex issue separately. It seems as if, regardless of their position on the issue, people would rather see it dealt with in a rational, deliberate manner than watch their Senators plunge over a cliff like punch-drunk lemmings.