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Ha! Sen. Cruz’s birthday message to Sarah Palin cleverly zings PolitiFact hacks [video]

Sarah Palin turned 50 today, and Sen. Cruz decided to mark the occasion with a special video message. But if you’re gonna wish someone a happy birthday, you’d better make sure you do it right! That’s why Sen. Cruz turned to the experts: Happy birthday, @SarahPalinUSA! Here's a special message … as rated by Politifact: …
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Report: U.S. Intel Hacks al-Qaeda Magazine, Sparking First Amendment Debate

Al-Qaeda’s English language magazine, which last month labeled the Boston bombers as “great brothers,” was reportedly hacked by U.S. intelligence agencis to make content unreadable, according to the Washington Post. This attempt to, at least temporarily, disrupt readers from viewing Inspire magazine has re-ignited a debate regarding the First Amendment and extremist content.

Intelligence Officials Hack Al Qaeda Magazine Inspire Temporarily

A screenshot of an Inspire magazine cover. (Photo: Wikimedia)