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‘Sold!’ Here is the absurd Donna Brazile inadvertently offering great ad for GOP; It’s mock-tastic

Is this Donna Brazile’s most idiotic statement yet? Pretty much. Also, she has a war on sanity, apparently.
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‘Great. Just great.’ Romney 2016 speculation sparks déjà vu, facepalms

“Stop. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop running for President.”
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Presentation Screen Master is a great presentation tool that helps you to do private work on a computer, while your audience views only the selected part of your screen.

Presentation Screen Master is a presentation tool that helps you to do private work on a computer (your laptop, for example), while your audience views only the selected part of your screen.

You can presen…
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uRex Videomark Platinum is a great solution to easily add video watermark.

uRex Videomark Platinum is a great solution to easily add video watermark. Users are allowed to insert text, image and shape watermark into a video effortlessly. uRex Videomark Platinum provides simple operation, friendly interface, h…
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‘This ad is great!’: Sarah Palin tweets Alabama legislature candidate’s ad [video]

“It made our day!”
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New Jersey: Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Expanding Hunting in Great Swamp NWR

The US Fish and Wildlife Service have released a proposed plan (Comprehensive Conservation Plan) that will guide management of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years.  The 7,768-acre Refuge was established in 1960 and is located 26 miles from New York City.  The Refuge offers an annual permitted deer hunt held in November….

‘WELL SAID!’ Sanctions schmanctions: How is Putin like Obama? This ‘great comparison’ nails it

Great point.
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Baby Girl With Hydrocephalus is Doing Great After Her Parents Rejected Abortion

Ella-Jai Harvey is proving her parents right. Just weeks before her birth, Toni-Louise Hubbart and Daniel Harvey were advised to consider an abortion because she had developed hydrocephalus, a condition where babies are born with “water on the brain.” Six months after Ella-Jai’s birth, the little girl is doing well and Toni-Louise…

Jokes, Worries and Great Expectations: Fed Releases Notes From 2008 Financial Crisis Meetings

The science of monetary policy.”

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Republican Party Releases Statement Commemorating Kwanzaa: ‘Reminds Us of the Great Diversity in America’

“…a wonderful opportunity for all of us to honor the importance of family and community…”


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‘Looks like a great presidential ticket’: Mia Love and Allen West together in Utah [pic]

Mia Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and has announced she’ll run again against incumbent Jim Matheson for his U.S. House seat. Love appeared at an event with former U.S. Rep. Allen West:

One or both of them will likely be back in politics at the national level before too long.

CHL Surge Spreads to Great Northwest

As the American heartland and historically gun-friendly states continue to post record gun sales and experience a surge of interest in concealed-carry permits for personal protection, it may come as something of a surprise that the same trend is occurring in the Pacific Northwest, a region not usually considered a bastion of support for gun rights.

Barrycades, #SpiteHouse cones are no match for patriots at Great Smoky Mountains National Park [pics]

And Occupy America continues! As Twitchy reported, Gettysburg visitors joined in the defying of Barrycades recently.  Citizens across the land have done the same. The Spite House cannot smite the free will of the people.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is another area that has been Barrycaded.

Neglect of the Elderly: Pope Francis Declares “Loneliness of the Old” a Great Evil

When I heard Pope Francis’ comments Wednesday that one of the greatest evils in the world is the loneliness of the old and their need for care and companionship, I immediately thought of Mother Teresa’s 1994 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. She said,

CEO of Major Tech Company Says NSA Surveillance Is ‘Great’ and ‘Essential’

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told CBS News’ Charlie Rose that he has no problem with the NSA’s massive surveillance programs. In fact, he said, the surveillance is “great” and “essential.”

“Who’s ever heard of this information being misused by the government? In what way?” the CEO of one of America’s largest software companies asked.

When Rose asked him if he was fully endorsing the NSA’s spying efforts, Ellison doubled down.

Soldier Surprises His Three Boys at Great Wolf Lodge

“My husband was home on leave after 7 months overseas.  I surprised my boys with a night stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  They didn’t know their dad was coming home and would be meeting them there!” -Anna W.
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A Great Resource

Since we’ve been talking about welcoming those who are new to personal defense and the shooting sports, here is another way to help them get started off on the right foot. They need a copy of “Handgun Training for Personal Protection,” by Richard Mann.