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Girl Gets Surprise Reunion With Army Father

Girl Gets Surprise Reunion With Soldier FatherSgt. Travis Drewery returned home to surprise his daughter Jenalyn after her school&#821…
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Kelly Ayotte gets burned for touting new “quality sunscreen” law

“Are you serious? This is a thing?”
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‘She’s a democrat?’ DNC gets mocked for using Mary Landrieu’s birthday in fundraising pitch

“LMAO!!! Surely you jest…”
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‘Hi bro sign my pump!!’ Brad Woodhouse gets owned — by his conservative brother

Oh, brother!
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‘Says a lot about the VA’: Marine Corps veteran gets runaround after spotting ID card mistake

“Bureaucracy issues.”
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Little Girl Gets a Huge Surprise At Soccer Field

soccer gameSoldier Surprises Daughter At Game- The Utah National Guardsmen were in the country to prevent conflict between the Serbians and Albanians. Fami…
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Lil’ Brother Gets Surprise From Big Sis

amandaaaaHeartbreaking!! Lil’ Brother gets very emotional upon the arrival of his sister from USAF Military training!!Welcome Home Blog

Robert Kennedy Jr. ‘gets handsy’ with PJTV’s Michelle Fields at climate march [video]

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Soldier Gets Greeted By Beagles

beaglesUS soldier gets great greeting from his beagles.
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‘What vacation?': ‘Beleaguered’ Obama ‘NEVER gets a break’ [pics]

So sad.
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GOP establishment flack calls conservatives ‘mentally ill,’ gets schooled by Dana Loesch

Whoa. Did he just lie about reading her book?
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‘Speak-o’ the devil! ‘It’s. The. Law.’ gets a much-needed rewrite

“It’s pretty sad when your whole defense is ‘That’s not what I meant.'”
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‘Stand with Israel’: Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin gets photobombed [pic]

“That’s an awesome troll.”
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‘Much better’: DNC’s ‘like a boss’ Obama graphic gets a much-needed upgrade [pic]

Fixed it for ya, Dems!
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A Man With Alzheimer’s Gets His Speech Back When Playing With A Dog

Lisa Abeyta has been caring for father who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Although he has lost almost all of his speaking capabilities to the illness, something amazing happens when he’s around their dog. “My father has Alzheimers. This is what happens when he is with our dog,” Lisa says in her notes about …

Fixed it for you! Equal Pay Day finally gets the name it deserves

Equal Pay Day gets a fitting makeover.
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Returning Soldier Surprises Girlfriend, Gets Down on One Knee

Soldier Wigberto Vazquez surprised his girlfriend of two years by not only showing up unannounced but also by getting down on one knee.
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