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Fixed it for you! Equal Pay Day finally gets the name it deserves

Equal Pay Day gets a fitting makeover.
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Returning Soldier Surprises Girlfriend, Gets Down on One Knee

Soldier Wigberto Vazquez surprised his girlfriend of two years by not only showing up unannounced but also by getting down on one knee.
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Aww, how sweet! Alan Grayson gets birthday cake from his GOP opponent [pic]

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Video: Governor Who Signed Gun Registration Bill in Conn. Mentions the Constitution at Town Hall, Gets Called Out Perfectly by Heckler

“…we’ve got this thing called the Constitution, so it makes it a little difficult to do some of the things you suggest.”

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’12 Years a Slave’ Wins Best Picture at Oscars, ‘Gravity’ Gets Most Statues

“Everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live.”

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Jon Karl asks about WH’s star-studded ‘Monuments Men’ screening, Josh Earnest gets snippy

That’s right. Fresh on the heels of his rip-roaring “supertruck” speech, tonight, President Obama will be hosting stars from “The Monuments Men” at a private White House screening. This afternoon, Jay Carney seemed a bit reticent on giving up details: Jay Carney won't say whether the White House invited any of the…
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The Fact That an Armed Robber Gets Socked in the Face Isn’t Even the Best Part About This Video – It’s What Happened Right Before


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Texas Teen Gets Suspended From School for Doing Something Awesome – and He’s Not Even Upset

“My message is, go out and help somebody. If you see it, don’t hesitate, don’t be scared.”

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Planned Parenthood Gets Away With Killing a Woman in an Abortion

Tonya Reaves was 24 and the mother of a one-year-old son when she walked into a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic in July of 2012 and asked for a second trimester abortion. She never walked out. Reaves died from complications to her abortion, leaving unanswered questions about circumstances that led to her death. Soon after, Reaves’ […]…

Colorado Muslima Convert gets 8 years in global terror plot

These reports are daily, and still the cultural, political and media elites blindly and willfully refuse to see what is right before their eyes. It’s bloody tiresome and stupid. Another American Muslim convert, another plot to blow up non-Muslims. And taking her 10-year-old son to a jihad training camp to do the same. Paulin-Ramirez took her 6-year…
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Fashion Designer Gets Death Threats over Quran Dress

Is anyone surprised? Of course the Shenkar College of design removed the photo of the dress, another submission to savages. Terrorism and death threats pay. Back in 1994, Karl Lagerfeld designed a quran dress (long before September 11th, the London bombings, Madrid and the tens of thousands of other attacks since 911). Claude Eliette, the chief exe…
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18 and Out of the Foster Care System, She Finally Gets Adoptive Family

Amanda was almost 18 and about to “age out” of the foster care system. But while our nation’s laws consider someone who’s 18 to be an adult, you and I know there’s still a lot of growing up left to do at that age. Even young adults need a mom and a dad. For example, […]…

Girl Video Chatting with Military Dad Gets Surprised By His Return

“Adam, freshly back from Afghanistan, FaceTime’d his daughter, Lyla, from the garage to surprise her.” -Lee K.
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Patient’s Night Gets Even Worse After Armed Man Steals the Ambulance He Was Being Transported In

Perhaps the only thing worse than needing an ambulance is being inside of one when a car thief steals it.

And that’s exactly what Pennsylvania police had to deal with Friday when Brian Timothy Kada Jr., 25, of Florida used a gun to carjack an ambulance stuck in traffic.

Kada kicked the two EMTs out of the van but apparently didn’t check to see if anyone else was in it before taking off: