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Make a journey to the animated fairy land with Fantasy Garden Animated Wallpaper.

Here is an animated fairy land where a tree is really a clock. Its twisted trunk looks like Merlin’s robes. The branches may or may not be a tree house. That may be a cuddly white dog or maybe it’s a tiny white pony. Watch where you step, and always keep a good look over your shoulder.

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Actor Nick Searcy guesses why ‘Super Dumbass’ Biden would make his ‘garden variety slap’ remark

After Vice President Joe Biden sparked backlash with a remark that downplayed one type of domestic abuse, blogger Ace of Spades posed a question to Twitter: “Why would someone go out of his way to take a ‘garden variety slap across the face’ off the table as domestic abuse?”

U.S. Soldier Pretends to be Waitress, Surprises Her Mom & Sister at Olive Garden

“My sister, Sergeant Coody, surprising our mom and one of our sisters after a year of deployment to Afghanistan. Sergeant Coody pretends to be a waitress at a local Olive Garden, when our own mother doesn’t even recognize her at first. The best surprise EVER! Thanks so much to the manager and waitress, Liz, at [...]
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The Professional Bull Riders 2013 at Madison Square Garden

It is not Dodge City, Kansas, Reno or Neveda. Nope, the Wild West came to the big city of New York. The Professional Bull Riders circuit aka PBR brought the rodeo to Madison Square Garden last weekend, transforming the arena in the middle of Midtown [...]

Open a window in a calm fantasy garden right on your desktop with an Fantasy Clock Animated Wallpaper.

Open a window in a calm fantasy garden with an animated clock, butterflies flying over swaying grass, and rays of light playing in the foliage of a tree.

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