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French reporter takes selfie in White House, is Photoshopped

French reporters covering the visit between President Obama and President Hollande couldn’t help but take a few selfies along the way. Thomas Wieder of Le Monde managed a catch a selfie with both presidents in the background. A journo thought this was a good time to take a selfie. "@ThomasWieder: Selfie dans le bureau Ovale. […] Twitchy » US Politics

40,000 Pro-Lifers Line the Streets of Paris, France During French March for Life

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so there are several thousand words on the March for Life in Paris, France today. There’s no better report on today’s March for Life in France that could display the job of thousands of people marching for pro-life values in Europe than the pictures below. All photos […]…

French Soccer Player Gives Nazi-Like Salute After Goal. Part of His Defense? Obama Did It, Too. (See the Pictures)

“…a downward Nazi salute with an obscene gesture meaning ‘up yours.’”

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Obama’s Moderates: Ayatollah Khamenei Tweets Support for French Jew-Hater

Is anyone really surprised that the leader of the Islamic Fourth Reich would show public support for a vile Jew-hater? Not even Obama is surprised, I am sure. “Ayatollah Khamenei Tweets Support for French Anti-Semite,” Algemeiner but first flagged by anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon on Monday. As world powers praise Iran’s new “moderate” stan…
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2 French Journalists Abducted and Killed in Mali, Just Days After 4 French Citizens Released from Al Qaeda Hands There

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Gunmen abducted and killed two French radio journalists on assignment in northern Mali on Saturday, French and Malian officials said, grabbing the pair as they left the home of a rebel leader.

‘Horror on both sides’: French mag runs photo of Syrian rebels beheading ‘pro-regime militiaman’ [graphic pic]

The French magazine Paris Match is running a shocking video of what are reported to be rebels beheading a man who is either a pro-Assad militiaman, or was “merely” accused of not supporting the rebel opposition.


French Panel Votes Against Euthanasia But President Pushes It Anyway

France’s medical ethics advisory council (CNNE) has voted against the legalization of assisted suicide, as found in Swiss clinics such as Dignitas, it was announced on Monday.

But French President François Hollande has promised a law on the issue by the end of 2013.

The committee which had been asked to investigate the issue of euthanasia and come up with recommendations voted against Swiss style assisted suicide.<

C’est La Vie! Thousands of Wealthy French Taxed More Than They Earned

More than 8,000 French households were hit with tax bills that eclipsed their total income last year, according to Reuters.

Les Echos, citing Finance Ministry data, reported that the culprit was a single levy last year on 2011 incomes of more than 1.3 million euros ($ 1.67 million).

President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government imposed the tax surcharge last year to mitigate the impact of a rebate created by its conservative predecessor to cap individual taxation at 50 percent.

French Spiderman Alain Robert climbs the Havana Libre Hotel

Alain Robert of France, who is known as “Spiderman”, climbs up the Habana Libre hotel in Havana February 4, 2013. Robert, who scales buildings all over the world without safety equipment, successfully climbed the hotel which is 126 metres (413 […]