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‘Is that a threat?’ Protester trying to find out where NYC police commissioner lives

Crossing the line.
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How lawless is Obama’s executive amnesty? Katie Pavlich knows where to find out

“This is not narrow humanitarian relief.”
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Divers Find 10 More Bodies in Sunken S. Korean Ferry; 46 Confirmed Dead, 256 Still Missing

“I bow my head in apology to the families of the victims.”

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Police Find Seven Dead Babies in Utah Home, Six Packed in Cardboard Boxes

In a shocking discovery, police have found seven dead babies in a Utah woman’s home, six of them packed away in cardboard boxes. Police believe Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to the babies then killed them over the past decade and they arrested her on Saturday after the grisly discovery. They found the babies following […]…

Find and retrieve your deleted or lost data easily with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

Frame Shop box shotEaseUS MobiSaver for Android provides all-around solution to recover lost data from Android smartphone, tablet or SD cards inside Android device. Whether you accidentally deleted files or smashed your…
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Why Do Babies Laugh? New Research Sets Out Find the Cute and Adorable Answers

There are few sweeter sounds than hearing a baby laugh, especially when they laugh for the first time. It’s a contagious sound. When you’re out in public and your infant starts to giggle, just look around and you’ll see how baby’s laughter inspires smiles and chuckles from onlookers. Coming down with a bad case of […]…

Sisters Close Eyes, Open Them to Find Military Dad Home From Deployment

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Girl Leaves School to Find Military Dad Home From 6 Month Deployment

“I checked her out of school early. She had no idea why or that her daddy, home from deployment, was waiting for her around the corner.” -Jessica R.
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Woman Opens Front Door to Find Military Husband, Home From Deployment

WARNING: A bit of adult language in this one.
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Find and clean the duplicate files relied on file content.

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Before You Pick a Health Care Plan, Find Out if It Covers Abortions

DC HealthLink is the first Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare exchange to begin being transparent about what plans on the Marketplace, including both private plans and Multi-State plans (MSP), cover elective abortion. Other states in charge of operating their own exchange and the federal government should follow their lead and give the American people real choice in health care by disclosing whether their premiums will cover elective abortions.

1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer will analyze and find out where your disk space has gone!

1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer finds out, which are your biggest files, which folders include the most disk space consuming data and helps you to get drive space back from places sometimes you never heard of. Working with 1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer is as easy as possible for you since all features can be started directly from the main screen. The program analyzes any kind of disk very fast and sorts everything automatically so that you do not have to care about that anymore.

What to Do if You Find a Snake That Has Eaten a ‘Top Flight’ Golf Ball

An Ohio resident sensed something was wrong with an Eastern black rat snake she saw in a park Friday. Its stomach was unusually distended.

She brought it to the Ohio Wildlife Center where veterinarians took radiographs that showed it wasn’t a large piece of food but a Top Flight golf ball, according to WBNS-TV.

rat snake golfball radiograph

A snake mistook a golf ball for an edible egg. (Image source: Ohio Wildlife Center via WBNS)

Let the snark begin! What will terrorists do when they find out embassies are closed on Sunday?

This week’s headlines: Detroit is dead and al-Qaida is alive.

Embassies in the Middle East will be closed on Sunday due to a terror threat, but once Monday rolls around …

Archaeologists Finally Open Coffin Found Near Richard III’s Burial Site — and Are Surprised at What They Find

LONDON (AP) — A team of archaeologists said Monday it has unearthed an unusual coffin-within-a-coffin in the central England parking lot where it found the skeleton of King Richard III, and that they hope to identify the remains within.

University of Leicester scientists have been digging at the Grey Friars site in Leicester after finding the body of Richard there in September. He died nearby in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

‘I’m Gonna Find You…and I’m Gonna F**k…You…Up’: Alec Baldwin’s Profane Twitter Meltdown

Actor Alec Baldwin, 55, had a serious Twitter meltdown Thursday, threatening a Daily Mail reporter and labeling him a “toxic little queen” over a report about his wife.

Daily Mail reporter George Stark brought the profane wrath of Baldwin on himself when he reported on his wife’s active Twitter feed during James Gandolfini’s funeral Thursday.

‘Child abusers get amnesty’: Sen. Vitter reads 1,170-page amendment to find out what’s in it

In April, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter began reading through the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill, tweeting his concerns as he made his way through the 844-page monster. Fast forward to June: Once again, Vitter is going to actually read the legislation to find out what’s in it. This weekend, he’s scouring all 1,170 pages to find out just how much of the Corker-Hoeven border security sham would make Ted Kennedy smile.