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Citizens United releases ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’ film after legal victory [video]

“My Tea Party sense is tingling.”
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Photo Retoucher is designed to clean up film grain, remove digital noise and perform many other tasks that any photografer often has to deal with.

If you are not a professional photographer (or even if you are), it is not always possible to take a clean picture. People or unwanted objects are the things that can spoil a really good shot, but don’t hurry and delete it. SoftOr…
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‘Goebbels would be proud’: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi team up with anti-Koch film [pic]

“It’s descended into needs a restraining order obsession.”
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Young Pro-Life Filmmaker Takes on Abortion in Riveting New Short Film “Mitosis”

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Not even a year out of high school, and Hannah Victoria isn’t the least bit afraid to dream big. The young, surprisingly experienced filmmaker plans big, too. In January of 2014, Hannah Victoria founded Expressionistic Studios with a bold vision: [T]o take the subject matter that most people deem too ‘mes…

Christian Film Critic Defends Disney’s ‘Frozen’: You ‘Really Need to Push’ to Take It as ‘Gay-Friendly Metaphor’

“Christianity has always been very counter-culture…”

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Pro-Life Film Festival Provides a Stark Contrast to Hollywood “Values”

Hollywood, CA (LiveActionNews) –The pro-life movement has been embraced by every medium of communication and expression in the modern world, and its role in cinema is steadily increasing. From movies like Bella and October Baby of the big screen to small-screen debuts of amateur filmmakers, the pro-life ethic is an area of interest to an i…

Military family members and vets slam film critic who called ‘Lone Survivor’ a ‘jingoistic snuff film’

Mock our military; you reap what you sow.
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Paul Walker’s Last Film “Hours” Features Incredible Pro-Life Message

In one of his last films, which as not yet been released, Paul Walker played the husband of a woman who unexpectedly dies in childbirth. Walker is famed for his roles in The Fast and the Furious, and tragically died in a car crash last weekend. In the film, his character’s daughter, born five weeks early, is hooked […]…

Outdoor screening of film Grease in Barnes, Southwest London

London-based Future Cinema, which specialises in immersive events fusing film, theatre, music and dance, transformed Barnes Common park into the movie’s fictional setting of Rydell High School. Barnes Common in South London was transformed into the […]