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Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s Epic Fail in Milwaukee

Billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg could learn a thing or two from the biblical story about an Israelite soldier named David, who went up againstGoliath, a giant of a man and a powerful foe. Using just a sling and a stone, David brought Goliath down to his knees and destroyed him….

Gun-Rights Activists Fail to Recall Officials Over Concealed Weapons Permits

“This was clearly an attempt by outside people to steal an election in the town…”

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Obamacare fail: Federal Data Services Hub down (again)

Just for context, here are some tweets from just three days ago:

That was Saturday, and by Sunday the hub, or “backbone” of the health insurance marketplace, was down, despite having been lauded by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as an example of what’s “working well.” By Tuesday night, though, the federal hub was down again. Fortunately, this is just a “hiccup” — at least that’s what Access Health CT said before deleting the tweet.

Megyn Kelly announced the outage during “The Kelly File.”

The system is completely broken, but on the plus side, the Obamacare Glitch Girl has been found.


One day after HHS touted Obamacare data hub as example of ‘what’s working,’ guess what’s down

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Abortion Activists Fail to Make “Reproductive Health” an Intentional Norm, Part 2

continued from part 1… New York, NY (CFAM) — The term “reproductive health” seeped without fanfare into UN language in 1972 when it was adopted by Jose Barzelatto, the inaugural head of WHO’s program on human reproduction.

Its first appearance in a UN document was a World Health Organization (WHO) report 20 years later by Barzelatto’s successor, Mahmoud Fathalla. His sprawling description of the term contained “fertility regulation,” which for WHO included “pregnancy interruption,” that is, abortion.

WHO staff walked a fine line, promoting a rights-based approach while training abortionists all over the world but not officially declaring abortion a human right. This was apparently due to opposing pressure from liberal, high donor, Western states and traditional, recipient states. The ambiguity is emblematic of the broader conundrum the movement faced in promoting the norm without emphasizing its core tenet of legal, accessible abortion.

It was the WHO definition of reproductive health that informed the 1994 UN Cairo conference on population. After that meeting, USAID, UNFPA, the Population Council, Ford and MacArthur Foundations established reproductive health programs. The World Bank and other institutions followed.

But Cairo signaled trouble, and so did the UN women’s conference the next year in Beijing. Not only did the movement fail to get a new human right to abortion, but nations adopted the conference documents with caveats rejecting “reproductive health” and similar terms, along with WHO’s definition of “fertility regulation.” Even though the term “cascaded” into national laws and policies, many nations adopted it while continuing to proscribe abortion.

The movement regrouped in 1996 with what some of them called a “stealth” approach: simply get the UN human rights treaty bodies to reinterpret existing rights as including a right to abortion. Several of the committees complied. Within a decade treaty bodies had pressured more than 90 countries to liberalize their laws.

But there were risks. Nations could simply reject the UN committees’ recommendations and thereby undercut the movement’s claims about their authority. In 2011, Peru dismissed the Human Rights Committee’s 2005 condemnation that their abortion restrictions were “cruel and inhuman,” saying the committee overstepped its mandate and had no authority to even comment on their law.

The movement took the fight to the courts, challenging national laws protecting the unborn as inconsistent with human rights treaties with heartrending “hard cases” such as injured adolescent mothers. In 2006, the movement scored a victory when Colombia’s high court liberalized the country’s abortion laws citing the treaty bodies.

Yet the number of high courts willing to make economic, social, and cultural rights justiciable was few and cases took years to prepare. They began using national budget allocations as evidence of discrimination and therefore rights violations against women. Led by Mary Robinson, they parted ways with human rights experts like Kenneth Roth who insisted that such an approach might undermine the human rights campaign’s reputation that had been built on providing hard evidence.

They made progress in 2012 when the UN’s highest human rights office issued technical guidance asserting abortion as a human right under the right to health. This, too, proved problematic. Along with a chronic lack of evidence and the need to “adjust” abortion figures, they had already met resistance to the idea in 2011 from the UN General Assembly.



The movement was never successful in swaying that body to legitimize the norm. To the contrary, world leaders rejected reproductive health twice, in 2000 and 2005, as a component of the Millennium Development Goals precisely because of its abortion connotations.

The movement had to abandon grand plans for a separate reproductive health goal, and settled for slipping the term in secretively to the appendix of a 2007 Secretary General’s report that was adopted without debate or even discussion. The term began appearing as a target under Millennium Development Goal 5 on maternal health. The US repeatedly rejected the target, dubbed “MDG5B,” under the Bush administration, dropping the objection in 2009 under the Obama administration.

LifeNews.com Note: Susan Yoshihara writes for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. This article originally appeared in the pro-life group’s Friday Fax publication and is used with permission.


Sally Kohn: Detroit ‘set up to fail’ by racially biased policies

What is Sally Kohn’s message about Detroit? Not everyone who heard it tonight on Fox News’ “Special Report” is quite sure, because it sounded as though she was blaming the GOP’s platform of cutting taxes and government spending for Detroit’s decent into bankruptcy — or at the very least suggesting that Republican policies would force more cities to go the way of Detroit.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg was among those who couldn’t quite place when it was that the GOP imposed crippling austerity programs on a city that’s been under Democrat control for six decades.

That makes a little more sense: the GOP is likely to use the spectacular failure of Detroit to argue that other cities not follow its lead.

There’s your proof: an article by Maya Wiley, founder and president of the Center for Social Inclusion, posted on The Grio, MSNBC’s site offering “the African-American perspective on the news.” The two factors behind Detroit’s bankruptcy? Race and disinvestment, writes Wiley.

Yeah, it really does. How about the conclusion that “racial fairness has to be at the center of all of the solutions to starving cities or we will ignore the roots of the problem”?

If a legacy of racially biased policies isn’t to blame, what is, then?

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Masked Criminal’s Epic Home Invasion Fail

A Florida woman scared off a home intruder with her son’s toy gun Monday night, the Sun-Sentinel reports, screaming “I got a gun! I got a gun!” after waking up to find the masked man in her bedroom.

Jane Rainboth said the suspect immediately turned and fled in terror.

“I guess if somebody tells you they’ve got a gun, you don’t want to stick around to find out if it’s real or not,” she told the paper.

Florida Woman Jane Rainboth Scares Home Intruder With Toy Pellet Gun

(Photo: Sun-Sentinel)

Rainboth reportedly chased the man down the hall and outside as he ran, calling 911 for assistance as soon as she was able.

When police came, they, too, apparently mistook the toy weapon for the real thing.

“Lady, put the gun down!” they shouted, before she explained it was only a pellet gun.  For those not familiar, the Sun-Sentinel describes it as “barely harmful enough to hurt a squirrel.”

NBC 6 relates that police found patio screen cut and a sliding glass door broken open when they investigated her home.

The suspect was found nearby, and has been identified as 27-year-old Roland Stuart Jr.  He has been placed on a $ 75,000 bond.

“I think I scared him more than he scared me,” Rainboth reflected.  “Even though it was a toy, it gave me the confidence to run after him and scare him away. If I hadn’t had it, I probably would’ve just stood there.”

She continued: “I think everybody needs protection. I felt very vulnerable — I don’t ever want to feel that way again.”

Watch the complete Sun-Sentinel interview, below:

(H/T: Fark)

Featured image via shutterstock.com

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Bluster fail! Schumer: Putin knew of Snowden’s flight; What about know-nothing Obama?


Hey, he can’t! President Obama knows nothing about anything until he’s read it in the papers or seen it on the news, right? So we can’t expect to even hear from him yet.

But Sen. Schumer took to the Sunday shows today and weighed in on the Snowden fiasco:

More from National Journal:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, told host Candy Crowley that he is “very disappointed” with how Hong Kong handled Snowden, and believed that “the hand of Beijing was involved here.” He had harsher words for Russia, saying there’d be “serious consequences” for the U.S.-Russia relationship, and that “allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways.” The senator also made the assumption that Vladimir Putin approved Snowden’s plane landing in Russia, and called the president “infuriating.”

Twitter users, including Drudge editor Joseph Curl, aren’t impressed by Schumer’s bluster.

They also point out a few things about our craven President:

Heh. Stay tuned!


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