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Interviewed for the “World’s Toughest Job,” These People Left With Smiles on Their Faces

Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job. So just who would take a job requiring 24-hour days, 7-days a week and no sleep, pray or vacation? Watch this viral video that has been seen almost 3 million times. To add to the conversation, Tweet: #worldstoughestjob Like this pro-life […]…

Woman Killed in Mexico After Refusing Abortion, Killer Faces 70 Years in Prison

A Mexican woman was killed last week after refusing her boyfriend’s request to get an abortion. According to multiple Mexican mews reports, 31-year-old Karla Lopez was killed by assassins hired by her Manuel Forcelledo, who had repeatedly attempted to pressure Lopez to have an abortion. According to reports, Forcelledo beat up Lopez along wit…

Mom Faces Jail Time for Buying At-Home Abortion Kit That Sent Daughter to Hospital

A Pennsylvania mother is facing jail time for purchasing an at-home abortion kit for her daughter that, when used, ultimately she the teenage girl to the hospital. Two weeks after the abortion, her daughter had to be rushed to the hospital for heavy bleeding. Jennifer Whalen has been charged with illegally obtaining the dangerous abortion […]…

Chicago homeowner fends off thieves, faces charges for expired FOID, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill. February 1, 2014

A homeowner was in bed in Chicago, Ill. when he was awakened by his daughter, who alerted him to a suspicious disturbance in a nearby apartment. The homeowner, who relies on crutches, went to investigate, unlocking a door between his home and the apartment which his daughter suspected had been broken into. He then returned to his bedroom to retriev…

Educator Confronted Over Alleged Child Sex Abuse in Viral YouTube Video Now Faces Life in Prison

“She was incredibly bothered by the abuse for a long time.”

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Rapper 50 Cent Faces Bizarre Lawsuit Over an X-Rated Video With Him Edited Into It as a Wig-Wearing Narrator

“Pimpin’ Curly”

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Illinois: Highland Park faces lawsuit over semi-auto ordinance

Arie Friedman, a Highland Park pediatrician, along with the Illinois State Rifle Association, filed suit against Highland Park on Dec. 12 in response to the city’s new ban on assault weapons. Last summer, Highland Park was one of several Chicago suburbs that raced to enact municipal ordinances regulating or banning the use of assault weapons before…

National Association of Social Workers Faces Criticism for Promoting Abortion

In the Issues statement of Family Planning and Reproductive Choice, the National Association of Social Workers endorses abortion stating:

[…]Social workers […] have a professional obligation to work […] to establish, secure funding for, and safeguard family planning and reproductive health programs, including abortion services […]

If a social worker doesn’t not want to promote, secure funding for or “safeguard” abortion in America, NASW claims the don’t have to, but they must then tell clients that they offer “limited” services and then find clients someone who will offer to connect them with abortion services.

Because of the NASW’s strong, unwavering support of abortion, the Catholic University School of Social Work has severed ties with the group. Will Rainford, named dean of the National Catholic School of Social Service just this year, told students about this decision via an email. In that email he writes that “such a concrete and public declaration by an institution is completely incongruent with Catholic Tradition and this renders the organization out of bounds for the school as an institution.”

As a Catholic school, Catholic University should in no way be affiliated with any group who supports the killing of millions of innocent people, just because it isn’t currently against the law. NASW doesn’t just tell social workers that they must support abortion, the group works hard to support it in any way they can. According to Chronicles of Social Change, NASW members pay $ 190 a year and undergrads and Master’s students pay $ 48 a year in dues. NASW has spent money to co-sponsor the March for Women’s Lives, a rally in support of abortion as “reproductive freedom” and put their support behind the abortion expanding Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act in New York.

According to Social Work Helper, not all students support Rainford’s decision, and one particular student, Andy Bowen has organized a group of social work students into action to try to get this decision reversed. The group, calling themselves NCSSS wants students and faculty to be able to vote on the issue.



Rainford, however, is completely committed to his decision. In a recent tweet he says, “It’s amazing the way people will spin & twist your words when you make an unpopular decision. The truth will set you free!”

LifeNews Note: Nancy is a work at home mom who writes about parenting, special needs children, and the right to life. She is the lucky mother of two spirited little girls, one who has cystic fibrosis, and she spends any free moment she can find fundraising for a cure for CF. You can read her personal blog at www.ChronicAdmissions.com. Reprinted from Live Action News.


D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing

Mark Witaschek, a successful financial adviser with no criminal record, is facing two years in prison for possession of unregistered ammunition after D.C. police raided his house looking for guns. Mr. Witaschek has never had a firearm in the city, but he is being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The trial starts on Nov. 4.

The Faces Of Comic-Con New York 2013

Comic-Con conventions are no longer just about comics and the people who attend them are no longer just nerds and geeks who see sunlight twice a year. Cosplay is hot and everybody is doing it.

Man Faces 60 Years for Killing Pregnant Girlfriend, Unborn Child

Ruben Anthony Cepeda, of Poway, California, was convicted Wednesday on two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of his pregnant 18-year-old girlfriend and their 4 ½- month-old unborn baby.

Vista Judge Harry Elias will sentence the 22-year-old Cepeda on October 11 for the April 7, 2012, deaths of Viridiana Rodriquez and her unborn baby boy. He faces up to 60 years in prison.

According to CNS, Cepeda was arrested on June 11, 2012, in Tijuana, Mexico, and turned over to U.S. authorities. Fellow gang member Jesse Juan Lopez had been arrested an hour after the shooting at a Border crossing.

Lopez pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact for helping Cepeda flee the United States last fall, CNS reported, and was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Cepeda maintained all along that the shooting was an accident. “Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe said it appeared that Cepeda was playing around with the gun, and although he may not have had the intent to kill, his actions showed disregard for human life,” reported Teri Figueroa for the U-T San Diego newspaper.

Figueroa quoted “Juror No. 4” who said, “We unilaterally agreed there was a wanton disregard for human life.”

Ms. Rodriquez and her unborn child died about an hour after the shooting at a hospital.

LifeNews.com Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in his National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.


Jenga, John Kerry-style! No long faces after Dennis Miller zings Kerry, Obama and Waxman

Ha! Will mocking noted “Jenjis” Khan scholar John Kerry ever grow old?

Keep ‘em coming, Miller!

Miller also spared a few moments to zing the unilateral warmonger in chief.

Bonus Henry Waxman casting:

Another trifecta of zing. Dennis Miller: He’s a keeper.


Full Twitchy coverage of Dennis Miller’s hilarious tweets

Twitchy » US Politics

Pennsylvania Faces a New Threat: Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia is something I don’t think about too often. Maybe it’s because I’m under 30 and healthy. Maybe it’s because assisted suicide is illegal in Pennsylvania and most of the U.S.

But now that there’s a euthanasia group lobbying here in Pennsylvania, I’ve been reading more about this pro-life issue.

In his book “Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia: Past and Present,” Dr. J.C. Willke wrote that the problem with assisted suicide is that it judges that human life has only relative value, not absolute value.

Just take a look at Oregon where physician-assisted suicide is legal. According to Oregon Right to Life, the top reasons people request assisted suicide are losing autonomy, decreasing participation in activities, and loss of dignity.

These are value issues. At its roots, assisted suicide pushes the idea that some lives aren’t as valuable as others – maybe because they are disabled or they can’t participate in the same activities they once did. It leads to people devaluing themselves and others.



So what can we do to reverse this trend?

When a loved one is suffering, we need to ensure that they receive the proper medical treatment and pain relief. Most of all, they need our assurance that their life is valuable – no matter what their level of ability or degree of dependency.

Learn more by listening to our half-hour podcast where our Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo and I discuss the issue in depth. Download it here.

LifeNews Note: Micaiah Bilger is the Education Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.


IRS Faces Lawsuit From 41 Groups, Pro-Life Organization Over Targeting

The American Center for Law and Justice today filed an amended lawsuit in federal court adding an additional 16 Tea Party and conservative organizations, including a pro-life group, to its lawsuit against the IRS.

The IRS has been found to be targeting pro-life and conservative groups because of their positions and, most recently, a tape was released showing a disturbing phone call the Internal Revenue Service placed to a non-profit organization telling it to keep its Christian faith and views on abortion to itself.

On May 29, 2013, the ACLJ filed the initial lawsuit on behalf of 25 organizations arguing top Obama Administration officials – including those at the Internal Revenue Service – violated the constitutional rights of the groups by secretly targeting these organizations because of their political beliefs.

“The floodgates opened after we filed our initial lawsuit,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.

He told LifeNews: “We have been contacted by many additional organizations that have been unlawfully targeted by the IRS – revealing that this unconstitutional scheme was pervasive and damaging to our clients. As Congress continues its investigation, and as we expand our federal lawsuit, we’re confident that the truth will be revealed and important questions answered: How did this targeting scheme begin? Who ordered it? How could the White House counsel and White House chief of staff know about this tactic but the President did not? We remain dedicated to ensuring that those responsible for this unconscionable scheme are held accountable.”

The amended complaint, which adds 16 organizations to the original list of 25 groups, argues that IRS officials “working in offices from California to Washington, D.C., pulled applications from conservative organizations, delayed processing those applications for sometimes well over a year, then made probing and unconstitutional requests for additional information that often required applicants to disclose, among other things, donor lists, direct and indirect communications with members of legislative bodies, Internet passwords and usernames, copies of social media and other Internet postings, and even the political and charitable activities of family members.”

Among the organizations added to the complaint is a pro-life group singled out because of its opposition to abortion.

The ACLJ contends the group, AMEN (Abortion Must End Now) – based in Yuma, AZ – was singled out because of its name and because the group is “focused on defending the Sanctity of Life and to put an end to abortion once and for all” and intends to “provide education . . . about the effects of abortion and to present pro-life brochures.” The group applied for 501(c)(3) status in 2010 and its application is still pending.

In a letter dated October 20, 2010 to AMEN, an IRS specialist in the Cincinnati office questioned the appropriateness of the organization’s goal to provide education and awareness about its beliefs that human life must be protected. In fact, the letter stated that IRS policy draws a bright line – classifying certain activities as political rather than educational – even questioning the organization’s communication strategy and content.

The IRS letter to the pro-life group stated that the communication method used by the group “will not be considered educational . . . if it fails to provide a development from the relevant facts that would materially aid a listener or reader in a learning process.” The IRS letter also cautioned against using what it termed as “strong emotional feelings” in an organization’s messaging.

“This is outrageous,” said Sekulow. “Now we have evidence that the IRS is somehow uniquely qualified to make a determination about content and regulate how a pro-life organization can explain its mission and beliefs. Imagine the outcry if Planned Parenthood or NARAL was subjected to this abuse. This is another blatant example of an IRS out of control – an agency that embraces unlawful and unconstitutional conduct.”

The amended lawsuit, posted here, urges the court to find that the Obama Administration overstepped its authority and violated the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, the Administrative Procedure Act, as well as the IRS’s own rules and regulations. The lawsuit requests a declaratory judgment that the Defendants unlawfully delayed and obstructed the organizations’ applications for a determination of tax-exempt status by means of conduct that was based on unconstitutional criteria and impermissibly disparate treatment of the groups.

The suit also seeks injunctive relief to protect our clients – and their officers and directors – from further IRS abuse or retaliation. Further, the lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive monetary damages to be determined at trial at a later date.

According to the complaint: “The IRS scheme had a dramatic impact on targeted groups, causing many to curtail lawful activities, expend considerable unnecessary funds, lose donor support, and devote countless hours of time to responding to onerous and targeted IRS information requests that were outside the scope of legitimate inquiry.”

The ACLJ now represents a total of 41 organizations in 22 states in the lawsuit.

IRS officials knew as early as 2010 that pro-life and conservative groups were being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.



James Dobson, the pro-life family advocate, disclosed that he was a victim of IRS discrimination because he spoke out against pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

In one case LifeNews has profiled, a pro-life group was told it had to promote abortion and it eventually appeared before a Congressional committee to explain how.


8th Grader Suspended, Arrested Over NRA T-Shirt Now Faces $500 Fine and a Year in Jail

The West Virginia eight-grader arrested and suspended over his National Rifle Association T-shirt with an image of a firearm is now facing a $ 500 fine and a year in jail.

A judge is allowing prosecutors to move forward with charging Jared Marcum, 14, with obstructing an officer, WOWK-TV reported.

8th Grader Suspended, Arrested Over NRA T Shirt Now Faces $  500 Fine and a Year in Jail

Image source: WOWK-TV

Marcum got into an argument with a teacher over his “Protect Your Rights” NRA shirt at Logan Middle School in April. He was arrested for disturbing the education process and for obstructing an officer — the latter, according to court documents obtained by WOWK, because Marcum refused to stop talking, thus hindering the arresting officer from doing his job.

After Marcum was suspended from school, he returned to class wearing the exact same shirt, as did other students in a show of solidarity.

“Every aspect of this is just totally wrong,” Marcum’s father, Allen Lardieri told WOWK.  ”He has no background of anything criminal, up until now and it just seems like nobody wants to admit they’re wrong.”

The family’s attorney, Ben White, said there no mention in the arresting officer’s petition of Marcum making any threats or acting violently.

“In my view of the facts, Jared didn’t do anything wrong,” White said.

White is seeking to have the charges against Marcum dismissed. The teen is due back in court on July 11.

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