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Missouri: Extreme Anti-Gun Bill Disguised as “Protecting the Second Amendment Act”

The anti-gunners in Missouri have really outdone themselves with House Bill 2129.  Sponsored by state Representative Joshua Peters (D-76) and cosponsored by state Representatives Randy Dunn (D-23), Stacey Newman (D-87), Sharon Pace (D-74) and Tommie Pierson (D-66), HB 2129 might be one of the most extreme gun control measures introduced in the Sho…

Extreme Cold In The Oymyakon valley

I’m not a cold weather person. I just don’t like it. I start moaning when the scale hit 0 degrees C, but I think I might need to pipe down a bit when I check out these images depicting the extreme cold weather in the Oymyakon valley, where it almost […]

Listen to Limbaugh’s Response to Obama’s Slam: ‘He’s Trying to Goad Me Into Saying Something Extreme’

Rush Limbaugh Responds to the Presidents Claim That Republicans are Scared to Reach Across the Aisle Because Theyll be Punished by Fox News & Talk Radio

President Barack Obama during an interview last week with the left-leaning publication The New Republic said that Fox News and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh are to blame for Washington gridlock.

“Well, look, I’ve always believed that there are a bunch of Republicans of goodwill who would rather get something done than suffer through the sort of nasty atmosphere that prevails in Washington right now,” said the president.