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Nebraska lawmakers advance ‘emergency powers’ gun bill

Nebraska lawmakers have given initial approval to a bill that would prohibit governors from restricting gun sales in a declared state emergency….

Nebraska: Critical Emergency Powers Legislation Passes General File in Senate

Today, the state Legislature passed unanimously the General File reading of the amended form of Legislative Bill 390 with additional amendments.  Introduced by state Senator Mark Christensen (44), LB 390 would strike the word “firearms” from the list of items the Governor may suspend during a declared state of emergency.  …

Abortion Activists Declare “State of Emergency” After Spate of Clinic Closings

A March 6 New York Times article, “Abortion law pushes Texas clinics to close doors,” included a slide show, “Last day for last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande,” referring to one of two Texas abortion mills that closed that day.  According to Think Progress, the number of abortion clinics is Texas is down to […]…

Does Your Safe Room Have an Emergency Exit?

By now I hope every serious defensive shooter has established a safe room in his house as part of his family’s home-defense plan. In addition, he has worked out the best and quickest way to get all of the family gathered in that room and he has figured out what equipment needs to be stored in that room.  But, I wonder how many have worked out a plan for escaping from that room, and the house, should such action become necessary.

You Won’t Believe the Way Some Residents of This Town Dealt with Their ‘Emergency’ Cable Outage

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (TheBlaze/AP) — A Connecticut police department wants folks in the town it’s protecting to know that missing their favorite shows doesn’t constitute an emergency.

Fairfield police say they received numerous 911 calls about a cable outage that hit parts of southwestern Connecticut Sunday night.

The message on the department’s Facebook page says the outage is “neither an emergency or a police related concern.” The post warns that 911 should be used for life-threatening emergencies only and misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest: