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New York Times Editorial Board’s ‘Wish List’ for Obama’s SOTU Speech Is Pretty Much Exactly What You’d Expect

Shame the climate deniers! Wage increases!

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Hacktacular! Cory Booker’s imaginary friend inspires new BuzzFeed editorial policy

The exposé on Cory Booker’s imaginary thug pal T-Bone is a pretty big story. One that the super-hip and current BuzzFeed should totes be all over. Right?

Or maybe not so much:

CNBC, Harvard Business School Prof. Rip New York Times Over Pro-Tax Editorial: Either Dishonest or They Don’t Get Economics

The New York Times editorial board on Saturday published an article claiming Republican lawmakers’ love of pro-austerity policies has inhibited economic growth.

On the other hand, the op-ed argues, the Obama administration is “doing better” by “adding new taxes and investments”:

Republicans have insisted on austerity for ideological and political reasons. The administration has done better by adding new taxes and investments to the cuts, but the reductions are still deep and damaging.