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On Obama’s Watch: Al Qaeda Now Controls More Territory Than Ever In The Middle East

Twelve years after September 11th and the tens of thousands of subsequent jihadi attacks across the world, Al Qaeda is triumphant. “Al-Zawahiri is closer to his goal than he has ever been.” I warned of this in my book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America. What does Rich Benjamin have to say about Barack’s “anti-A…
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U.S. Soldier Returns From Middle East in Time for Christmas, Surprises Mom

“Our son Logan surprises his mom, returning home from deployment to Qatar, in time for Christmas.” -Thomas B.
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War in the Middle East: Israeli soldier killed by a Lebanese Army Sniper Attack

The Lebanese army is firing on Israeli soldiers. The absence of American leadership and solidarity with Israel has left a terrible vacuum in the Middle East, and evil loves a vacuum. “Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanese Army Sniper Attack on Israel-Lebanon Border,” By Algemeiner, December 15, 2013 An Israeli soldier was killed by a Lebanese Army sni…
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Florida Student Beaten by Muslim Mob in a Sharia Zone in East London

Detective Constable Ben Mott, of Tower Hamlets police, said: "We believe the suspects picked a fight with the victim as he was obviously not from the local area and they took exception to the fact that he was a bit different.

Sharia zones are growing all over Europe and the UK. This Florida student was beaten because he was "different" aka non-muslim.


Middle East Expert Erick Stakelbeck Warns: ‘There Is a Bullseye on the Back of Every Christian Living in Egypt’

Erick Stakelbeck, author of “The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy,” discussed the widespread attacks on Christians in Egypt in recent days on TheBlaze TV on Friday.

“Christians, in the birthplace of Christianity, are on the run,” he said.  “What we’re seeing right now in Egypt is literally a pogrom, where Christians are systematically being targeted.”

Things were bad under Mubarakm he said, but “it has intensified to horrific new levels since the so-called Arab Spring broke out two and a half years ago.”

U.S. Marine Surprises Sons at East Carolina University Football Game

SSgt Joshua Ricafrente returned home from Afghanistan early to surprise his kids at the East Carolina football game on Nov 3rd. Ricafrente hadn’t seen his kids since deploying in May. His video message was played before his two sons, Noah and Elijah participated in the halftime challenge. Ricafrente surprised them with an unforgettable hug!

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