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Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge

An 86-year-old Illinois man with a concealed carry permit fired his weapon at an armed robbery suspect fleeing police last month, stopping the man in his tracks and allowing the police to make an arrest….

‘This is his Katrina!': Missouri state senator drops F-bomb on Gov. Jay Nixon in tweets

“This is his Katrina!”
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West Virginia: Nevada Drops Reciprocity for Concealed Handgun License Permit Holders

Last week, the state of Nevada announced that they had dropped their reciprocal concealed handgun license agreement with West Virginia and will no longer honor concealed carry licenses from the Mountain State….

Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits rise, study claims

A dramatic spike in the number of Americans with permits to carry concealed weapons coincides with an equally stark drop in violent crime, according to a new study, which Second Amendment advocates say makes the case that more guns can mean safer streets…

Boom! Fox News’ Adam Housley drops a truth bomb on Obama’s lapdog ‘journalists’

As Twitchy reported, drooling Obama lapdogs dutifully answered their master’s call yesterday and loped over to the White House for an off-the-record Snausage party. In July, Fox News correspondent Adam Housley was on fi-yah as he shredded the cozy love affair between the White House and progressive media. “Might as well pay em,”…
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Home Depot Drops Big Obamacare Surprise on 20,000 Employees

(Reuters) – Home Depot Inc is shifting medical coverage for part-time workers to new public marketplace exchanges ahead of new benefits requirements under the U.S. Affordable Care Act, a spokesman said on Thursday.

The world’s largest home improvement retail chain announced its move shortly after a similar announcement from Trader Joe’s Co, a popular privately held grocery chain.

School Drops Controversial Student Tracking System Paned as ‘Mark of the Beast’

In October 2012, a student rebelled against RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking cards issued — and mandatory — for all students within two schools in a San Antonio, Texas, school district, saying from a religious perspective, she considered them the “mark of the beast.” After court battles that followed it, the school has decided to completely cancel the program, which was launched to improve attendance.

‘God of Death’: Prosecutor Drops Bombshell Revelations About Alleged Ex-Hezbollah Commander Recently Arrested in Texas

Bombshell Revelations Revealed About Alleged Ex Hezbollah Commander Arrested in Texas

In this November 12, 2010 file photo, Hezbollah fighters parade during the inauguration of a new cemetery for their fighters who died in fighting against Israel. Credit: AP

Counterterrorism officials on Wednesday revealed stunning details about 44-year-old Wissam Allouche, an alleged former Hezbollah commander who was arrested in Texas after being indicted on charges of not disclosing his affiliation with terrorist groups.

Fair share? President Obama’s effective tax rate drops to 18.4 percent

Remember when Warren Buffett’s secretary was invited to the 2012 State of the Union address to serve as the president’s human prop for raising tax rates on the wealthy? Well, it didn’t work. The president and vice president released their tax returns today, and President Obama’s effective tax rate went down last year, to around 18 percent. That’s closing in on Mitt Romney territory, and we all know he was getting away with something.

‘Your Home Is Your Castle’: Alabama Gun Owner Drops Home Intruder With One Deadly Shot

Alabama Gun Owner Drops Home Intruder With One Shot

Albertville police said the owner of this home on Abbott Road shot and killed a burglar. (Photo by Robert Richardson, WHNT News 19)

An Alabama homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar while defending his property on Tuesday night. It is merely the latest instance of a gun owner using a firearm to combat a criminal, which TheBlaze has reported on extensively.