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Minnesota Hunters: Discover the Truth Regarding the Misleading Campaign Designed to Ban Lead Ammunition

The Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society recently held a panel discussion in Bemidji to discuss banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting.  The panelists included researchers, state Department of Natural Resources personnel, and representatives of various non-profit organizations.  Numerous comments were made by some Minnesota Departmen…

Take Fun Survey to Discover Your Very Own ‘Personal Dialect Map’

“What does the way you speak say about where you’re from?”

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Father Stunned to Discover That Google Maps Captured One of the Most Painful Experiences of His Life

Story by Associated Press; curated by Jason Howerton

RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area man wants Google Maps to remove an aerial image that shows the body of his 14-year-old son, who was shot and killed in 2009.

Jose Barrera told KTVU-TV over the weekend that he became aware of the image of his son Kevin earlier in the week. He said he wants Google Inc. to take down the image out of respect for his son, but it wasn’t clear whether he had asked Google directly to take it down.