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Polar Air Blamed For 21 Deaths Nationwide

“It’s brutal out here.”

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: AK-47s have caused more deaths than artillery fire, airstrikes, and rocket attacks combined

On the other hand, according to FBI crime statistics, blunt objects (hammers and clubs), knives, and personal weapons (hands, fists, and feet) “cause” far more murders than all types of rifles combined: Murder Victims by Weapon, 2006–2010 Weapons 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Total 15,087 14,916 14,224 13,752 12,996 Total firearms: 10,225 …
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Couple Get Deaths Threats After Bear Euthanized, But Abortion is Okay?

A dangerous bear was euthanized near Reno, and those who reported the problem are being threatened with death by furious bear lovers. From the USA Today story: The issue arose after the Nevada Department of Wildlife trapped a 263-pound male black bear outside the Evanses’ Incline Village home early Thursday morning. The bear, which had […]…

Oliver Willis: Karl Rove was ecstatic about the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq

Wait. What?

Oliver Willis is very liberal, and that of course is his right. But he can’t really believe Karl Rove was happy about U.S. soldiers’ deaths in Iraq, can he?