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Demonstrators march in L.A. streets to protest shooting death of #EzellFord

“You don’t shake hands, you kill people.”
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Two from Mexico charged with capital murder in Border Patrol agent’s death

One suspect has been arrested no fewer than four times.
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Civility alert: Chart-topping songwriter Diane Warren shares death fantasy about Ted Cruz

Civility, PETA style.
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Community Seeks Comfort in Church As Confirmed Death Toll Rises From Washington Mudslide

“At a time like this, everybody knows they’ve got to have God’s help.”

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Shock Claim: Obamacare Cancelled My Mother’s Cancer Treatment and Forced Her to ‘Buy a New Plan That Would Accelerate Her… Death’

“The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is a brutal, Procrustean disaster.”

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Child, Hold Me: A Gripping Memoir on the Life and Death of an Unborn Child

“This story is several years old now. When I first wrote these pages, I was still in the midst of the pain after losing a child in the womb. Now that so many years have passed, some of the experiences described in this story—my story—almost feel foreign to me… like they happened to someone else. […]…

Fashion Designer Gets Death Threats over Quran Dress

Is anyone surprised? Of course the Shenkar College of design removed the photo of the dress, another submission to savages. Terrorism and death threats pay. Back in 1994, Karl Lagerfeld designed a quran dress (long before September 11th, the London bombings, Madrid and the tens of thousands of other attacks since 911). Claude Eliette, the chief exe…
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Australia’s Dr Death Philip Nitschke Importing Suicide Kits Into the United States

In his most recent newsletter, Philip Nitschke, Australia’s Dr Death, claims to have found a way to import suicide kits into the United States, starting in January 2014, under the cover of his Max Dog Brewing kit. Nitschke admitted that his Max Dog Brewing kits are in fact Suicide kits that he sends to people who […]…

Brian Terry remembered on third anniversary of death

Today, Dec. 14, is the third anniversary of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death. Just last month we learned that Terry’s family would appeal a ruling that they could not sue the federal government in connection with Terry’s death and the administration’s Fast and Furious gun walking operation. Terry and his family have …
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Atheists face death in 13 countries, global discrimination: study

‘Hang atheist bloggers': Hundreds of thousands Bangladeshi Muslims call for execution of atheists The authors’ references to America are just. plain. nuts. The fact is — it is dangeorus for non-Muslims, whether atheists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., to live under sharia. Islamic law is the problem. Read betwen the lines. It’s the only way to re…
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‘Fast & Furious’ Star Paul Walker’s Official Cause of Death Revealed

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures announced that it has shut down production for an unspecified time on “Fast & Furious 7.”

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Father Reportedly Confronts Vehicle Intruder in NFL Stadium Parking Lot, Dies After Son Runs for Help — But Victim’s Cause of Death Not Yet Known

The man had his son with him when he returned to his vehicle and that the boy — whose age was not immediately known — had run for help when the struggle began.

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‘Turkey Hunger Games’: WH turkey pardon site actually works, previews O-care death panels

Gotta love those Obama White House priorities! While the festering pile of fail that is HealthCare.gov continues to suck — and will go on sucking long past the December 1 fix-it deadline — the White House has been hard at work on another website: #TeamPopcorn or #TeamCaramel? Learn more & cast your ballot for this […] Twitchy » US Politics

Family’s Lawsuit Against Nursing Home to Starve Mother to Death Heads to Court

I have written about the Margot Bentley case before, and bring it up again because I think it may be the most important bioethical litigation now pending of which I am aware. At stake is whether a nursing home can be forced to starve a patient to death by withholding spoon feeding. From the Vancouver Sun blog […]…

Why the Two Teens Accused of Beating WWII Vet Delbert Belton to Death Now Need to Be Protected

“Aryan Brotherhood”

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Colorado Second Amendment activists undaunted by death threats; Recall Hudak effort in full swing

As Twitchy reported in September, Colorado grass-roots Second Amendment activists scored historic victories with the recall of two prominent Democrat gun-grabbers: state Sen. president John Morse in Colorado Springs and Democrat state Sen. Angela Giron in Pueblo. But their work is not finished. Activists have been gathering signatures to recall one of the state’s most odious, anti-gun state senators, Democrat Evie Hudak. Readers will remember her appalling dismissal of rape victim Amanda Collins and her reckless advocacy of disarming women.

Ten Years of Euthanasia in Belgium Has Made Death the Norm, Living the Exception

Recently I received an invitation to fly to Calgary in mid-November to attend the North American première of a film called End Credits at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival. I was asked to lead a post-screening conversation with the audience and was given access to a copy of the film with English subtitles, which I viewed once. My access has since been blocked and my invitation to attend the festival withdrawn. The scenes from the film, which I describe below, are accurate to the best of my recollection.

“End Credits” is directed by Alexander Decommere and written by Marc Cosyns. It’s a documentary on the practice of euthanasia in Belgium 10 years after it was legalized in 2002. It follows the dying and death of two people, whom the film makers describe as follows: “Adelin, 83, and Eva, 34, two very different people, who are at the dawn of the end of their lives, ask for help with and care for a decent passing away.”