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Politicians remember ‘ultimate statesman’ Howard Baker, dead at 88

Baker was elected to the Senate in 1966.
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Divers Find 10 More Bodies in Sunken S. Korean Ferry; 46 Confirmed Dead, 256 Still Missing

“I bow my head in apology to the families of the victims.”

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1 Dead After Ferry Sinks of South Korean Coast

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Police Find Seven Dead Babies in Utah Home, Six Packed in Cardboard Boxes

In a shocking discovery, police have found seven dead babies in a Utah woman’s home, six of them packed away in cardboard boxes. Police believe Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to the babies then killed them over the past decade and they arrested her on Saturday after the grisly discovery. They found the babies following […]…

Four Family Members Dead, Two Critical After Indianapolis House Fire

“It’s been a horrific morning for us.”

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Graphic: Kiev’s Dead Protesters

WARNING: These are graphic images These are pictures of protesters shot dead by their own government for protesting against that same government in a so-called democracy. These photos are definitely not totally cool. They are shocking and horre [...]…

Two Sisters of Iowa State Rep. Found Dead of Apparent Gunshot Wounds

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Police Say At Least Three Dead After Shooting at Maryland Mall

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Horrific Incident Involving Cattle Feed Grinder Leaves Dairy Farmer Dead

“This is terrible death of a dear man…”

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Abortion Activists Call Saving “Brain Dead” Pregnant Woman’s Baby “Dehumanizing”

Today we have a tragic pregnancy situation out of Fort Worth, Texas. At Life News, Rachel Cox summarizes: In November, Erick Munoz’s wife Marlise, who was 14 weeks pregnant, suffered a blood clot and is still in the hospital hooked up to machines. Doctors say she is brain dead and will never recover. Erick Munoz […]…

CNN Pushes for Declaring Patients “Brain Dead” Without Second Doctor’s Opinion

This is a good example why people are losing trust in the health care system. Over at CNN, medical producer Stephanie Smith writes a story arguing that we should do away with second opinions in determining brain death. From, “Repeat Exams for Brain Death Bad for Organ Donation:” For brain dead patients, a second examination to declare death …

Mother of “Brain Dead” Teen Jahi McMath: My Daughter is Alive

Nailah Winkfield, the mother of Jahi McMath, the supposedly “brain dead” teenager who is just hours away from having a hospital revoke her life support, has released an open letter saying her daughter is alive. McMath’s family had found a new care facility that will continue her medical care and treatment. But the hospital she [……

Abortion Supporter Admits Pictures of Aborted Babies are “Dead Bodies”

My pro-life website has quotes from abortionists and pictures of aborted babies. On the pages with the pictures of aborted babies, I have a brief survey which allows a visitor to answer several questions and leave their own comments. I got a comment this morning that I thought was interesting, and I wanted to share it. […]…

Baby Doctors Declared Dead Saved After He Cried Right Before He Was Cremated

A newborn baby doctors declared dead in China was found to be alive two days after he was thought to be dead and sent to a funeral home to be cremated. The case resulted in authorities revoking the license of the doctor who mistakenly declared the newborn boy dead, according to an AP report. The […]…

The Mug Shot From a Guy Arrested Outside a Founding Grateful Dead Member’s Concert Is Everything It Should Be

Over the course of a few days last week, police in Upper Darby, Pa., arrested four men who were allegedly selling drugs outside of a theater where former Grateful Dead founding member Phil Lesh and his band were performing.

Wednesday night’s bust?

It featured a trio that included 49-year-old Michael Weiss of Bensalem, Pa., who cops say was found with suspected marijuana and more than 100 cartridges of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Police also collected 123 spent cartridges, suggesting that someone had been operating a considerable business selling the illegal gas.