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Boyfriend Allegedly Takes Horribly Graphic Revenge on Girlfriend After She Wouldn’t Go Out Dancing

Editor’s note: the inherent nature of this alleged crime is graphic. Readers should be warned some of the content in this post could be considered graphic.

An Arizona man is accused of drugging his girlfriend and branding her genital area with his initials while she was passed out — all because she wouldn’t go dancing with him.

christopher jackson

Christopher Jackson (Photo via KSAZ-TV)

Can You Spot the GOP Candidate for State Office in This Video of Men Dancing in Speedos?

Rule No. 1. The Internet is forever. If you don’t believe Rule No. 1 is true, ask anyone who has posted something online and then hoped they could retract it.

Bakey dances in Vita Coco ad

That’s Eric Brakey, a Republican candidate running for Maine Senate. (Image source: YouTube)

But in the state of Maine, one Republican candidate for state Senate is publicly saying that he doesn’t regret his appearance in a 2011 online ad for the coconut water drink Vita Coco.