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Daily To-Do list is a simple to-do list software with reminders and to-do lists organized day by day.

Daily to-do list is a daily task list software. Easily create a to-do list for each day of the year. Old tasks can be automatically moved to todays’ to-do list. Supports rich task note.

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‘The Onion next?’ State Department’s Jen Psaki ridiculed for citing Daily Kos, Think Progress as reference sources

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Anti-gun narrative blows up in face of CNN, Daily News

Tuesday’s New York Daily News cover story is nothing more than a long-form editorial that attempts to make the AR-15 (a semiautomatic sport rifle) the bad guy in Monday’s horrific Navy Yard shooting. Last night, CNN attempted to do the same through blowhard Piers Morgan. But there is just one problem: CNN and The Daily News are 100% wrong. The FBI has just confirmed that a shotgun and two pistols were recovered, and that the “gunman was NOT armed with [an] AR-15.”

Homeowner captures intruder, The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, W.V. 08/12/13

A Fayette County, W.V. homeowner was in his house at around midday when he heard a suspicious noise. When he went to investigate, the homeowner found an intruder in his kitchen. The home invader pleaded with the homeowner to let her leave and attempted to flee, but the homeowner and two other residents were able to detain the criminal at gunpoint until police could arrive. Following the incident, Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler explained that “More and more homeowners are arming themselves to protect their homes against this type of criminal behavior.” 

Kidnapped Ohio Women Kept Diaries Documenting Horrific Daily Abuse

CLEVELAND (AP) — Three women held captive in a run-down home for a decade kept diaries documenting the horrific physical and sexual abuse they suffered on a daily basis, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The women’s kidnapper, Ariel Castro, lured one of them into his Cleveland home with the promise of a puppy for her son and later locked all of them in a vehicle in his garage for three days when someone visited him, prosecutors said. Castro, a former school bus driver, claimed he didn’t have an exit strategy from his complicated double life and finally gave the women a chance to escape by leaving a door unlocked, they said in a court document.

Supporters let Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson know what #SarahPalinDoes

CPAC 2013 shaped up to be a smack-down between establishment Republicans and grassroots conservatives, with establishment poster boy Karl Rove standing in as the embodiment of all that’s wrong with the GOP these days.

Breitbart.com reports that the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson weighed in on the ongoing Sarah Palin/Karl Rove feud this morning on WMAL, confessing that while he admires her ability as a public speaker, he’s “not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.” This sounds like a job for a hashtag.

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