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New iPhone App Lets Users Chat Without Wi-Fi or Cell Coverage

“This method of communication is immune to firewalls like the ones installed in China and North Korea.”

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Twitter to Sandra Fluke: Hobby Lobby’s not ‘denying health coverage’

So u agree they shouldn't pay for them? RT @SandraFluke Your boss shouldn’t be involved in your health care decisions – that’s common sense— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) March 24, 2014 The Supreme Court takes up the case of Hobby Lobby Tuesday. The Christian-owned craft store chain argues that it should not be legally forced

Woman With Cancer Loses Coverage of Essential Drug Due to Obamacare

As millions of Americans are attempting to start using their new Obamacare exchange health insurance plans, stories about denial of payment keep piling up. All throughout the debate leading up to the controversial 2010 law, and up until late last year, the Obama Administration kept asserting that “if you like your plan, you can keep […]…

‘Coincidence, I’m sure’: Amanda Carpenter notices something strange about Sunday shows’ coverage of Ted Cruz

Two networks independently bashing a conservative with the same talking point? What a shocker.
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‘A Communist Network’: Beck Tears Into NBC’s Olympics Coverage

“I didn’t realize that killing 50 million people was a ‘pivotal experiment.”

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‘Beyond parody!’ You won’t believe the ridiculous Christie coverage on ‘Meet the Press’

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TPM’s Josh Marshall: At least 10 million now have coverage because of Obamacare

Ten million now have coverage because of Obamacare? The last we’d heard from the Department of Health and Human Services, only 2.1 million had signed up for plans through HealthCare.gov and state insurance exchanges — and the administration still isn’t saying how many of those have actually paid for coverage and how many have simply […
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Christmas Caroling at Abortion Clinics Draws Record Media Coverage

In addition to the media coverage we usually get for our “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day from outlets like Christian Post, LifeNews.com, ChristianToday.com and many others, we’ve also received a lot of coverage from secular media this year. Sites like the “independent” OpposingViews.com and liberal media sites like the Huffington Po…

Family of 6-year-Old Girl With Cancer Loses Coverage After Obamacare

The stories of families losing their health insurance now that Obamacare is in place are getting more and more heartbreaking. While liberals talk about taking care of children, what about this little girl, who suffers from cancer and, though no fault of their own, her parents are losing their insurance under Obamacare’s rules and regulations….

Ted Cruz calls out Obamacare’s Giants-sized dropping of coverage

Sorry, Giants fans, but that tweet by Ted Cruz was retweeted hundreds of times. I am crying. This is so good. RT @tedcruz: And that's a lot of dropped coverage! http://t.co/g6duNf3Hos— Mike Beasley (@MikeBeas) November 26, 2013 Ted Cruz just won the Internet “@tedcruz: And that's a lot of dropped coverage! http://t.co/1v43SWlR…
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Are You Subsidizing Abortion Coverage Under Obamacare?

Starting this month, uninsured Americans have the option to purchase health insurance through their state exchanges. What you may not know is that many of the plans being offered include elective abortion coverage!

Twenty-three states have exercised their right under Obamacare to exclude abortion coverage, but for the remaining twenty-seven, that decision has been left to insurance companies. If you are receiving this alert, it is because you live in one of the states that allow elective abortion on their state exchange.

Obamacare Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge

With the exchanges of Obamacare activated this month, it has become evident that it is nearly impossible for individuals to try to determine which exchange plans on their state exchange, if any, exclude abortion, said a group of lawmakers at a bipartisan press conference Wednesday.

Hmm: Something curious about timing of Obama’s statement, lack of IRS hearing coverage?

Huh. Funny that.

As Twitchy reported, President Obama gave a statement on judicial nominees this morning. Oh-so-coincidentally, it occurred during a hearing on the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. Weird!

Citizens question the timing.

He kept severed feet in jars but escaped mainstream media coverage: Gosnell trial continues

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume yesterday drew attention to the (literally) gory details of the trial of Kermit Gosnell, who is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder after allegedly snipping the spines of newborns at his Philadelphia abortion clinic. Hume had tweeted a story posted on LifeNews.com, but others searching for updates on the continuing trial have their work cut out for them.