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‘Immigration isn’t a TV contest:’ CNN’s shameless amnesty bait sickens viewers

Tonight, the “news” network broadcast the pro-illegal alien amnesty documentary, “Documented,” on the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning, document-faking, law-breaking, deportation-evading journalist-turned-activist Jose Antonio Vargas.Twitchy » US Politics

TotallyCoolPix Sunrise Photo Contest Entries

MEA CULPA. This has taken me way too long. But. Better late then never. These are the entries to our very first contest. Only 9 and that is a little bit disappointing. I hope that next time more of you will make an effort. Please go to our special […]

TotallyCoolPix Photo Contest: Sunrise

As promised here are the details of our first ever competition. We’re running it because we reached 25,000 Facebook likes. Thank you all very much for those. The competition will obviously be a photo contest. The theme of the contest is SUNRISE aka […] View full post on TotallyCoolPix