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Altamont Company Ruger 10/22 Takedown Paladin Stock

Fans of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rejoice! There’s an upgrade available that’s good looking, easy-to-install and maintains the functionality of the takedown mechanism….
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‘AMAZING!’ Hey, IRS backup service company, here’s a simple ‘lost’ email fix

Your product works, doesn’t it? Show us the emails.
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‘Open arms and eager taste buds’! Ted Cruz invites Sriracha company to Texas

“Oh heck yeah.”
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Eight of the Strangest Perfume Scents Manufactured by a Company That Specializes In Strange Perfume Scents

“Hey, people like it!”

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Company Announces Departure From Gun-Unfriendly Empire State

As further evidence of a continuing backlash in the aftermath of the New York State Legislature’s passage and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hasty signing of a law restricting gun ownership and sales in January, another firearms company has announced plans to move its operations out of the Empire State.

Firearms importer and manufacturer American Tactical Imports (ATI) announced Oct. 28 it would relocate to Summerville, SC, in a move expected to take 117 jobs away from the Rochester, NY, region. The move is expected to begin immediately, the company announced.

Firearms company fights ObamaCare’s abortion pill mandate

A family-owned company that makes sights and scopes for the U.S. military has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over ObamaCare. Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Trijicon in their lawsuit against the feds.

Trijicon sponsored junior shooter Greyson Lee runs the RMR during the Oklahoma State Ruger Rimfire match.

Trijicon sponsored junior shooter Greyson Lee runs the RMR during the Oklahoma State Ruger Rimfire match.

The stipulations of the Affordable Care Act would require employers such as Trijicon to provide early abortion-inducing drugs and devices to their employees regardless of whether doing so would violate any of the employers’ religious beliefs.

CEO of Major Tech Company Says NSA Surveillance Is ‘Great’ and ‘Essential’

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told CBS News’ Charlie Rose that he has no problem with the NSA’s massive surveillance programs. In fact, he said, the surveillance is “great” and “essential.”

“Who’s ever heard of this information being misused by the government? In what way?” the CEO of one of America’s largest software companies asked.

When Rose asked him if he was fully endorsing the NSA’s spying efforts, Ellison doubled down.

Drug Company Stops Distributing Euthanasia Drug for Texas Executions

Time reported in a recent article that the State of Texas is running out of the drug that they use for executions because the company that produces the drug are upset that the drug was being used for ending human lives. The article in Time stated:

Texas is facing a depleted supply after a Danish drug maker announced two years ago that it would no longer supply the drug for use in executions, thanks in part to pressure from multiple groups in Europe that have unexpectedly thrown up obstacles to U.S. states carrying out the death penalty.