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Colorado: Hickenlooper silent on gun law comments; supporters and foes baffled

After several days of fallout over his comments on gun control laws to a recent gathering of county sheriffs, Gov. John Hickenlooper has managed to baffle both victims-rights advocates and Second Amendment supporters….

Washington: Task Force Taking Comments on “Transforming” Outdoor Recreation

Earlier this year, Governor Jay Inslee (D) created a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation tasked with the mission to “transform” outdoor recreation.  Now, the task force is spearheading an effort to solicit public input called Encourage Outdoor Washington….

Bill Maher’s Comments on Mozilla-Gay Marriage Controversy May Not Be What You’d Expect

‘I think there is a gay mafia…”

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School Bans Problematic Color Ink From Teacher Comments — the Reasoning May Get You Seeing a Similar Shade

 ”A very negative color.”

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Wendy Davis Supporters Caught on Video Making ‘Abhorrent’ Comments About Paraplegic Opponent

“He may have a personality disorder.”

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‘I move on and I charge forth’: Sarah Palin responds to Martin Bashir’s ‘evil’ comments [video]

Palin takes the high road.
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Illinois: NRA Comments on Proposed Rules of Implementing Concealed Carry Act

Today, the National Rifle Association formally submitted its comments on the proposed rules implementing the Firearms Concealed Carry Act in Illinois (NRA comments available here).  The rules proposed by the Illinois State Police discriminate against the less wealthy and less technologically adept applicants and fail to honestly implement the intent of the state legislature.

Cheerios Forced to Shut Down Comments on New Ad Featuring Interracial Family

Cheerios Forced to Shut Down Comments on New Ad Featuring Interracial Family | Cheerios Ad Racist Comments

Image source: YouTube

The maker of Cheerios was actually forced to shut down the YouTube comments on its latest commercial because of the strong racist backlash over the ad’s depiction of an interracial family.

The 30-second spot features a little girl asking her mom if Cheerios are really good for your heart. After the mom says yes, the little girl runs away with the cereal box, and a sleeping dad wakes up with a pile of Cheerios dumped on his chest.