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U.S. Marine surprises sister during college graduation ceremony

U.S. Marine surprises sister during college graduation ceremonyJust in time to see his sister’s graduation, this U.S. Marine is …
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‘Shameful': George Will disinvited from speaking at Scripps College

“Damn, George, did you kill a cop?”
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Marine Surprises Mom at her College Graduation

Marine Surprises Mom at her College GraduationMarine Corporal Paul Robinson had told his mother he wouldn’t be able to make her …
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Military Dad Surprises His Sons at College Basketball Game

Lt. Col. Christopher Davis surprises his family with an early return home from overseas at the Alabama vs. Ole Miss Basketball game on 2/26/2014. Welcome Home!
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Man Barges Into College Class, Pepper-Sprays Prof. and Tries to Make a Citizen’s Arrest — and Wait Until You Hear the Lecture Topic

“It’s definitely very concerning …”

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U.S. Marine, Disguised as College Mascot, Surprises Daughter at Basketball Game

During halftime of Western Carolina’s home men’s basketball game, current WCU student Simms Hicks was surprised by her father, Major Jimmy Hicks, of the United States Marine Corps., returning home from his deployment in Afghanistan.
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College Basketball Player Surprised By Her Military Brother, Home From Afghanistan

Meghan, a senior basketball player at Albright College, was surprised by her brother, William, right before her final collegiate basketball game. He had been deployed in Afghanistan for the past year.
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‘Went to a game and a president broke out’: George W. Bush enjoys a college basketball game [pics]

“Went to a game and a president broke out.”
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Fake Punt Attempt in College Bowl Game Fails So Miserably

“Not Top 10″

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“I Got Accepted!” Student With Down Syndrome Finds Out He’s Headed to College

In early December, Susan Holcombe captured a priceless moment on video. Her son, Rion, who has Down syndrome, opens a letter from Clemson University informing him that he has been accepted to college. Viewers can’t help but respond to Rion’s reaction of both joy and disbelief as he gets the news. Since Susan posted the […]…

American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) Misleading on When Life Begins

It is scientifically undisputed that a new human organism begins at fertilization (or conception).  But that hasn’t stopped the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG)—a proudly pro-abortion “medical” organization—from attempting to mislead courts into believing that life-ending drugs do not actually end the lives of…

What does Joe Biden think should be attached to the college degrees of illegal aliens?

Go to school, get a green card.
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Big-Time College Football Rivalry? Long Field-Goal Attempt? Earthquake? No Problem

4.5 magnitude quake.

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Catholic College Renews Lawsuit: Don’t Make Us Comply With the HHS Mandate

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty today filed a lawsuit on behalf of Belmont Abbey College against the Obama administration, citing the HHS mandate requiring the college to provide insurance coverage including contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs.

Beloved College Bus Driver Mysteriously Departs His Job. No One Knew Why. Now He’s Saying It’s Because of an Ancient Biblical Practice

Beloved bus driver Stan McNeil would regularly pray for and encourage the students on his route at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., with high-fives and words of wisdom. So when news spread last week that he abruptly — and mysteriously — resigned from his position, students were understandably stunned.

Beloved College Bus Driver Breaks His Silence After His Mysterious Departure From Campus in Touching Video to Rutgers Students

Stan McNeil (Credit: YouTube)

After all, he was no ordinary bus driver. McNeil had a special relationship with his students — a bond that was built as a result of his ongoing quest to instill positivity in them.

Liberal Arts College to Host Orgasm Workshop for Female Undergrads

A private liberal arts college in New York will be hosting an explicit sexual workshop for students next Monday. As the web site Campus Reform exposes:

The workshop, hosted by Hamilton College’s Womyn’s Center, will teach “everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” according to its official description, and is open to male and female students.

College Football Player Thrown Out of the Game for Throwing This Vicious Punch

Isaiah Battle may have gotten confused regarding what sport he was playing Thursday night. That’s because the giant Clemson lineman delivered a massive upper cut to the head of North Carolina State’s Jarvis Byrd that would have made Mike Tyson blush.

During the final minutes of the game between the the two teams, Battle apparently got upset with something either Byrd did or was saying. That’s when he turned to him, wound up, and delivered the blow that knocked Byrd to the ground.