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Four New ‘Very Worrying’ Ozone-Depleting Gases Found… But Scientists Don’t Know What’s Causing Them

“It does set off an alarm bell …”

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Florida Alert: “Second Amendment Preservation Act” causing concern

There appears to be quite a bit of confusion concerning House Bill 733 which is being called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”  In answer to many inquiries, HB-733 is NOT an NRA bill and, at this time, we have taken no position on this bill.  We have serious concerns about the effect of the bill — whether the consequences are intended or …

‘Fixed’ HealthCare.gov still causing headaches for users

Yes, it’s Vast Majority Day, the day when HealthCare.gov should work smoothly for the “vast majority” of Americans. Of course, that’s not the official name for Nov. 30, the “drop-dead” date by which the “glitches” were to have been ironed out of the broken website. Happy #Obamacaid *Drop-Dead* Day! ~ …
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