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California Attorney General Seeks En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit’s Denial of her Request to Intervene in Peruta Case

Today, November 26, California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris filed a request for en banc review of the Ninth Circuit’s denial of her request to intervene in the NRA supported case of Peruta v. San Diego, which produced a landmark decision striking down as a violation of the Second Amendment San Diego County Sheriff William Gore’s policy o…

‘Painful to watch': Alison Grimes comes down with bad case of ‘Demnesia’ [video]

“It’s like watching a walk of shame.”
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In case you forgot that Eric Holder is a ‘crapweasel,’ here’s a good reminder

He’ll never change.
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In case you missed it, how ignorant is Obama? THIS ignorant

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‘Joe Biden defense’ no longer needed in Washington state gun case

When a Washington state man was charged last year with unlawfully firing a shotgun, he had a simple explanation: Joe Biden told me to do it.It appears, however, he no longer needs that defense….

Sarah Palin makes the case again for ‘the I-word’ — impeachment

Like it or not, this issue isn’t going away.
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N.J. man’s handgun case before U.S. Supreme Court on Friday

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide in the coming days whether it will hear a Sussex County man’s challenge to New Jersey’s handgun carry laws.The lawsuit, brought by John Drake, challenges the “justifiable need” requirement the state asks for carrying a handgun. It has drawn the support of the National Rifle Association and 19 other states,…

Television Networks Ignore Case of Utah Mother Accused of Killing Seven Babies

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Monday all omitted the arrest of a Utah woman, after the bodies of seven newborn babies were discovered in her house on Saturday. The Big Three morning shows did understandably devote a significant amount of air time to a white supremacist’s shooting rampage at two Jewish community centers [&#823…

‘What a joke’: Iowahawk puts referral of Lois Lerner case to DOJ into dizzying nutshell

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‘Someone has a case of the sads’: Editor who dismissed Sarah Palin’s Russia/Ukraine prediction whines

Playing it snide.
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Major Updates in Justina Pelletier Case: Lawmakers Get Involved, Teen Will Not Be Transferred to Foster Care

“The Department’s heavy-handed, unjustified interference with the rights of these parents is an example of what is wrong with this agency.”

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NRA-Backed Case A Benchmark Win in 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Fairfax, VA – The United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit today ruled in favor of the right of law-abiding citizens in California to carry a firearm outside the home for self-defense. California law allows local governments to issue concealed and open carry permits, but generally prohibits the carriage of handguns in public places. The…

Terri Schiavo’s Brother: Jahi McMath’s Case is Also About Parental Rights

Much has been written about Jahi McMath in recent days. The 13 year old Oakland girl underwent surgery Dec. 9 to remove her tonsils. She was declared “brain-dead” after going into cardiac arrest. Since that time, experts have opined on the ethics of her brain death declaration, the family’s decision to transfer her to another […]…

Testimony Begins in Case of Man Who Tricked Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Drug

It seemingly came out of the blue. John Andrew Welden admitted tricking his then-girlfriend Remee Jo Lee into taking misoprostol (Cytotec)last March with the intention of causing Ms. Lee to miscarry her 6-7-week-old unborn baby. His lawyers had worked out a plea bargain so that Welden pleaded guilty to lesser charges of consumer product tampering […

The new case for hunting

City dwellers are not known for being fond of blood sports. As the nation has grown less rural, the number of hunters has declined. People whose acquaintance is limited to “Bambi” tend to recoil at the notion of shooting deer or other game animals. But a convergence of developments makes it more plausible than ever for the skeptical to find virtues…

Ridiculous OFA: ‘Get covered’ in case you have a food related injury on Thanksgiving [pics]

With Turkey Day approaching, it takes some brass wattles to have supported a health care law that is hitting millions of Americans with cancellation letters and then remind everybody why they should “get covered” this Thanksgiving: When cooking Thanksgiving dinner takes a turn for the worst, be prepared. #GetTalking: OFA.BO/TGqHiH http:…
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Court throws out Brian Terry family’s case; Appeal possible

A federal court tonight has thrown out a case brought by the family of Brian Terry, the Border Patrol agent who was killed in a firefight on the Arizona-Mexico border in December 2010. Sharyl Attkisson reports that money already awarded to the family precludes this sort of case from proceeding.