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Ex-’Ghost Hunter’ Kris Williams grills NH GOP gubernatorial candidate on Obamacare, voter ID

“I like you already.”
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Colo. gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez still a bit confused about how to use Twitter

Quick. Someone enroll this guy in Twitter 101.
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Congressional candidate: ‘When you see tea partiers driving or swerving, call the police’

It’s nearly certain they have a gun.
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Pro-Abortion Florida Candidate Charlie Christ: “I’m Pro-Life By My Definition”

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charie Crist is pro-abortion and flip-flopped on abortion from the pro-life to the pro-abortion side years ago. But he wants Sunshine State voters to know that he’s really pro-life — by his definition. The Free Beacon has more on how Crist is shamelessly trying to sell Florida voters that he did not [&#82…

Did OKCupid’s own CEO donate to a candidate opposed to same-sex marriage? Updated

Will OKCupid scalp its own CEO?
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Democratic Candidate Says Pro-Life People are “Mentally Disabled”

It seems so often that when abortion activists can’t come up with a coherent reason while killing babies in abortions ought to remain legal, they resort to ad hominem arguments. Here’s another case of that, as a Democratic candidate for Congress says pro-life people are mentally disabled. The man behind the offensive comment is Mike [&#…

Jason Conger is the Pro-Life Republican Candidate for Senate in Oregon

The national narrative today suggests that the chances of the Republican Party taking over the Senate in November are increasing as the map of competitive races expands. One of the states that the pundits are increasingly talking about is Oregon.  If you are listening to the Beltway establishment, including Rove, you would think that there [&#8230…

Pro-Life Candidate David Jolly Beats Pro-Abortion Alex Sink in Florida Special Election

In the race to replace the late Congressman Bill Young (R) in Florida’s 13th Congressional district, there was a clear contrast between the candidates on abortion and Obamacare. Pro-lifers received a nice victory in Florida last night when the pro-life candidate won — setting up what could possibly be an exciting Congressional election year…

Watch Dem Candidate Attempt to Explain Broken Obamacare Promises in Tough Sean Hannity Interview

“Bush has been out of office for six years.”

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Ohio Candidate for Governor Ed Fitzgerald Backs Abortion Through Nine Months

Today, Quinnipiac University released a poll demonstrating that 75 percent of all Ohioans want abortion to be restricted in some or all cases. Only 19 percent of Ohioans want abortion legal in all cases. This poll sheds light on the most current gubernatorial race where the Planned Parenthood-supported Democratic candidate, Ed Fitzgerald, holds t…

Pennsylvania: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Chambersburg

After a highly contested mayoral race, pro-gun candidate Darren Brown defeated anti-gun incumbent Mayor Pete Lagiovane yesterday.  The defeat of anti-gun extremist Pete Lagiovane marks a huge victory for Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen in Chambersburg.

Pennsylvania: Anti-Gun Mayor of Butler Defeated by Pro-Gun Candidate Tom Donaldson

Yesterday, Tom Donaldson won the Butler mayoral race by earning 66% of the popular vote and handedly defeating anti-gun incumbent Mayor Margaret D. Stock.  The defeat of this anti-gun extremist marks a huge victory for Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen.

What a State Atty. General (and Candidate for Governor) Looks Like in the Middle of an Underage Alcohol Party

There was a time when alcohol-fueled teen parties either went silent or busted at the seams if an adult walked in.

But not only did the sweaty shindig pictured below continue apace after a grownup showed up (he’s in the middle wearing the long-sleeved white-collared shirt holding a cell phone) — the adult in question is Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler Photographed at Underage Alcohol Party

Image source: Instagram via Baltimore Sun

Blistering Ad Exposes New Jersey Candidate Cory Booker’s Pro-Abortion Record

American Commitment Action Fund (AC Action Fund) and Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) are jointly releasing a new ad today targeting Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s radical record on abortion. The ad blasts Cory Booker’s record of promoting abortion with no restrictions-including his significant role as Co-Chair of the Democratic National Convention’s Platform Committee. Booker is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in the special election to succeed Frank Lautenberg.

Colorado Springs Police Protective Association Endorses Pro-Gun Candidate Herpin in the Senate District 11 Recall Election

Earlier this week, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association (PPA) endorsed Bernie Herpin in the Senate District 11 recall election on Tuesday, September 10.  The Colorado Springs PPA represents a community of active and retired police officers in Colorado Springs.

Can You Spot the GOP Candidate for State Office in This Video of Men Dancing in Speedos?

Rule No. 1. The Internet is forever. If you don’t believe Rule No. 1 is true, ask anyone who has posted something online and then hoped they could retract it.

Bakey dances in Vita Coco ad

That’s Eric Brakey, a Republican candidate running for Maine Senate. (Image source: YouTube)

But in the state of Maine, one Republican candidate for state Senate is publicly saying that he doesn’t regret his appearance in a 2011 online ad for the coconut water drink Vita Coco.

‘Genius, offensive or just awesome?’ Phoenix candidate pins hopes on double entendre [pics]

Austin Head is a DJ and LGBT advocate running for city council in Phoenix, Ariz. He’s also an oversharer.


Dear Anthony Weiner: If someone on your staff, er, on your campaign suggests a similar sign, the answer is “no.”

JWF has more on the “I heart Head” signs.