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547 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Ends

Another 40 Days for Life campaign is now complete, and we’re still counting the blessings God has provided! More of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon … but so far, we are aware of … 547 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion during this campaign! And as always, […]…

Billboard Campaign Targets Senators Who Voted for Abortion-Funding Obamacare

Today the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced a multi-state billboard campaign exposing Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Mark Pryor (D-AR) for supporting taxpayer funded abortion by voting for the Affordable Care Act. The law, known as Obamacare, provides new federal tax subsidies that will finance elective abortion covera…

Oregon Campaign Begins to Stop 4,000 Taxpayer-Funded Abortions a Year

Churches across the state are loaning their parking lots to the petition effort to stop taxpayer-funded abortion.  On Tuesday, April 15 —Tax Day —motorists will be able to drive-through and sign the petition without leaving the driver’s seat. Just don’t ask for French fries. “It’s pretty simple,” says chief petitioner Jeff Jimerson. …

“Do it for Denmark:” Nation’s Underpopulation So Bad, Campaign Urges Procreation

Copenhagen, Denmark (LiveActionFilms) – Danish travel company Spies Rejser has introduced a campaign to encourage Denmark natives to procreate. Specifically, the company has launched a competition encouraging couples to schedule their vacations during the woman’s ovulation cycle in the hopes that they will conceive during their travels and pop…

What should replace the #BanBossy campaign? Blogger’s new Twitter name says it all

Out: #BanBossy. In: #BanObossycare!
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‘Worst campaign ad in the history of politics’ spawns ‘Dramatic Mitch’ clip

Really? The worst campaign ad in the history of politics? It might not get Sen. Mitch McConnell re-elected, but it did produce this “Dramatic Mitch” clip. Dramatic Mitch: youtu.be/cOxTDpqLgwU @deppisch @jimmiebjr @JoeC_Esquire @Filmladd— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 11, 2014 Back to the ad itself. It sure is long, isn’t it? @Be…
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Amnesty International Launches New Campaign to Push Abortion Worldwide

Amnesty International has been under fire for years for its pro-abortion positions and now the venerable human rights group is launching a new global effort to push abortion on a worldwide scale. “The My Body My Rights campaign encourages young people around the world to know and demand their right to make decisions about their […]…

Minnesota Hunters: Discover the Truth Regarding the Misleading Campaign Designed to Ban Lead Ammunition

The Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society recently held a panel discussion in Bemidji to discuss banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting.  The panelists included researchers, state Department of Natural Resources personnel, and representatives of various non-profit organizations.  Numerous comments were made by some Minnesota Departmen…

Obama for America $3 million underwater; Romney campaign debt-free

President Obama’s campaign machine, Obama for America, owes just a hair under $ 3 million according to Federal Election Committee filings released today. On the other side of the aisle, the Mitt Romney campaign has no debt and more than $ 1 million cash on hand, Time’s Zeke Miller reports. The former Romney campaign had $ 1.18 million […
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Rep. Bobby Rush campaign in pun formation: Chicago’s ‘unbearable’ defense may require congressional inquiry

The campaign Twitter account of Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush says it is run by staffers of the congressman with Rush personally tweeting from time to time (Rush’s official congressional Twitter handle is @RepBobbyRush), and somebody was so unhappy with performance of the Chicago Bears’ defense in tonight’s 33-28 loss to the Green Bay …
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Pennsylvania: Anti-Gun Campaign Targets State Representatives Around the State

Recently, some state legislators across Pennsylvania have been the target of an anti-gun campaign to strong arm them into cosponsoring House Bill 1010. If passed and enacted into law, House Bill 1010 would expand the required background check for the private sale of handguns by friends and relatives to ALL firearms, including rifles and shotguns….

Brady Campaign to Gun Control Supporters: Listen, Dummies

Last January, National Review Editor Rich Lowry joined a host of others in denouncing Barack Obama’s use of elementary school children at a press conference to unveil his gun control agenda, calling the spectacle “stupidly exploitative” and “infantile.”  A newly-released ad from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, however, suggests some in…

Campaign Warns Abortion Clinic Workers: “Don’t Let Your Job Put You in Prison”

Delaware Right to Life has erected six billboards this autumn, one directly across the street from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood.

The billboards give a simple but sobering message to abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison.”

This message is ripe in a state where two former Planned Parenthood employees testified earlier this year about health violations and inappropriate behavior by an abortionist they observed at their clinics.

Dueling ads on gun rights from NRA, Bloomberg enter Virginia campaign

Dueling ads on gun rights by the National Rifle Association and a group backed by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg have joined the onslaught of campaign advertising in Virginia’s elections this year.