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Planned Parenthood caught violating Montana campaign law

Planned Parenthood has a history of flouting the law, and now, they’ve been caught doing it again. This time, they violated Montana campaign law. Montana’s political practices commissioner has ruled that Planned Parenthood violated campaign law by not alerting a legislative candidate she would be the target of an attack ad. While it may …
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Report: Iranian Gov’t May Be Behind Global Cyberattack Campaign

“…to establish a foothold in the world’s critical infrastructure.” 

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Fore! Sen. Jeanne Shaheen says ‘very busy’ President Obama has no time to campaign with her

The busy, busy president.
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Coma patient dressed in campaign t-shirt for Nebraska Dem’s ad

“Dave Domina has no shame! “
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‘Right on!’ Scott Walker capitalizes on Wasserman Schultz’s smear campaign

Turning lemons into lemonade.
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NRA launches ad campaign against Michael Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association this week is launching an ad campaign targeting former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend up to $ 50 million to boost candidates who back gun control initiatives this year….

National Rifle Association Launches National “Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg” Campaign

Releases TV Ad Highlighting Bloomberg’s Hypocrisy and Arrogance   Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association today launched a national campaign aimed at exposing Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom agenda. The “Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg” campaign kicks off with a national television advertisement titled “Insult”.  “Insult” is the fir…

‘Way to be creepy there, DNC': The latest Obama birthday campaign is just a bit ‘disturbing’ [photos]

“On so many levels…”
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Spelling is hard! Gov. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., campaign flyer promises to build a better ‘Minnesta’

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Guatemala’s foreign minister announces ‘Stay Here’ ad campaign

Citizens are warned against crossing the desert.
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Sandra Fluke campaign: ‘I fought Rush Limbaugh — and won’

What did Sandra Fluke do to beat Rush Limbaugh? We’re a little hazy on the details, but we know that, even though his name looms large on Fluke’s campaign materials alongside some boxing gloves, Rush is still going strong. Much like @SandraFluke didn't bring down @rushlimbaugh alone, she cannot prevail without your help. Participat…
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547 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Ends

Another 40 Days for Life campaign is now complete, and we’re still counting the blessings God has provided! More of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon … but so far, we are aware of … 547 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion during this campaign! And as always, […]…

Billboard Campaign Targets Senators Who Voted for Abortion-Funding Obamacare

Today the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced a multi-state billboard campaign exposing Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Mark Pryor (D-AR) for supporting taxpayer funded abortion by voting for the Affordable Care Act. The law, known as Obamacare, provides new federal tax subsidies that will finance elective abortion covera…

Oregon Campaign Begins to Stop 4,000 Taxpayer-Funded Abortions a Year

Churches across the state are loaning their parking lots to the petition effort to stop taxpayer-funded abortion.  On Tuesday, April 15 —Tax Day —motorists will be able to drive-through and sign the petition without leaving the driver’s seat. Just don’t ask for French fries. “It’s pretty simple,” says chief petitioner Jeff Jimerson. …

“Do it for Denmark:” Nation’s Underpopulation So Bad, Campaign Urges Procreation

Copenhagen, Denmark (LiveActionFilms) – Danish travel company Spies Rejser has introduced a campaign to encourage Denmark natives to procreate. Specifically, the company has launched a competition encouraging couples to schedule their vacations during the woman’s ovulation cycle in the hopes that they will conceive during their travels and pop…

What should replace the #BanBossy campaign? Blogger’s new Twitter name says it all

Out: #BanBossy. In: #BanObossycare!
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‘Worst campaign ad in the history of politics’ spawns ‘Dramatic Mitch’ clip

Really? The worst campaign ad in the history of politics? It might not get Sen. Mitch McConnell re-elected, but it did produce this “Dramatic Mitch” clip. Dramatic Mitch: youtu.be/cOxTDpqLgwU @deppisch @jimmiebjr @JoeC_Esquire @Filmladd— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 11, 2014 Back to the ad itself. It sure is long, isn’t it? @Be…
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