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On Twitter, Islamic State (ISIS) Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Jihad Attacks

UAE-designated terror group CAIR and the Islamic State are both looking to exploit the horror of Ferguson to advance their Islamic supremacist goals. Hamas-CAIR has been agitating and inciting for Ferguson unrest for months — here and here. On Twitter, ISIS Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Lone-Wolf Attacks, MEMRI, Novem…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Another low: Hickenlooper staffer threatens to call police on investigative reporter

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‘Boom': Is Exjon’s reform plan a call for ‘full scale rebellion?’

“Not a rebellion, a truly informed electorate!”
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‘Needs to be printed and framed’! What did William Shatner call this Texas Supreme Court justice?

“Where no Justice has gone before.”
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‘Hey dummy’! Did David Axelrod just call Hillary, Kerry, and Biden ‘stupid’?

Just to clarify: David Axelrod is a jackass.
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‘Sounds like socialism to me’: Obama’s call to ‘rise or fall together’ meets resistance

Failure IS an option. But as long as we all do it together, it’s patriotic!
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Harry Reid May Call for Vote on Gun Control Legislation: Says, “We Need Some More Votes”

Gun control activists have recently renewed their efforts to gain ground on Capitol Hill.  As we reported this week, they continue to exploit high-profile national tragedies in an attempt to push their anti-gun agenda. They use grieving victims to falsely claim that enacting their “reforms” would have prevented these tragedies.  Anti-gun grou…

‘How high?’ Would gutless Obama really let the Taliban call the shots?

“Mr. President, what else has the Taliban instructed you to do lately?”
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California lawmakers call for gun restrictions

On their first day back in the Capitol since the killing Friday night of six college students near UC Santa Barbara, Democrats in the California Legislature said the state should do more to keep mentally ill people from obtaining guns….

Congressional candidate: ‘When you see tea partiers driving or swerving, call the police’

It’s nearly certain they have a gun.
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‘Concern level = grave’: Obama and Putin have 6th phone call since start of Ukraine crisis

Dial “R” for “Reset”
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Surveillance Video: Philly Motel Guests Receive Terrifying Wake-Up Call

“We’re lucky that no one was injured and no one was killed as a result of this.”


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Supporters of Feminist Professor Who Assaulted Teen Call Pro-Lifer a “Domestic Terrorist”

Pro-lifers who display graphic images of aborted children are like “domestic terrorists” who invade communities and make women feel unsafe, said a UCSB student supporter of a pro-choice feminist studies professor charged with battery after an altercation with prolife demonstrators at the university, reports UCSB The College Fix. The Santa Barba…

NSA Director Tells Employees: ‘We Must Embrace the President’s Call for Transparency’ – Do You Buy It?

“Success is rarely celebrated but is vital to our national security.”

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‘Obamacare math’: Nancy Pelosi claims $10.10 minimum wage would create 85,000 jobs; Citizens call BS

The above statement is absolutely true, which is why Rep. Nancy Pelosi went ahead and said it anyway: Joined @askgeorge and @USDOL today in calling on GOP to #raisethewage to $ 10.10. If we do, we can create 85,000 jobs. http://t.co/9wZo0YBlxm— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) January 15, 2014 If that would create 85,000 jobs, why not raise [&#8230…
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Abortion Activists Call Saving “Brain Dead” Pregnant Woman’s Baby “Dehumanizing”

Today we have a tragic pregnancy situation out of Fort Worth, Texas. At Life News, Rachel Cox summarizes: In November, Erick Munoz’s wife Marlise, who was 14 weeks pregnant, suffered a blood clot and is still in the hospital hooked up to machines. Doctors say she is brain dead and will never recover. Erick Munoz […]…