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Cars are hard: EPA aims for cleverness, crashes and burns instead

This is what happens when government bureaucrats try to be cute: Nissan had the most improved greenhouse gas emissions and gas mileage in 2013. Zoom zoom. #FuelEconomy — U.S. EPA (@EPA) October 8, 2014 Ohhhh, so close! “@EPA: Nissan had most improved… gas mileage in 2013. Zoom zoom.” When the mpg testing agency doesn't even [&#8…
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‘Go home, White House, you’re drunk’: WH keeps laser-like focus on Biden and a camel as Egypt burns [pic]

Hey, guys, get it? Get it? The White House is, like, totally hip and stuff. It’s Hump Day! That Geico ad with the camel? The White House is on it. Isn’t that hi-freakin-larious?

If a still image of Uncle Joe Biden palling around with a camel wasn’t enough, the White House Tumblr has the animated version.