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Reports: Police Seal Off Area After Armed Men Seen Entering Apartment Building in Belgium

“This isn’t the same sort of incident as the events in Sydney.”

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‘Happy Mother’s Day’: Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wife rappels down a building with Robertsons from ‘Duck Dynasty’ [pic]

Very cool!
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You Don’t Want to Cut Down an American Flag Near This City Hall Building in California

The flag was discovered undamaged and left on the ground.

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New Orleans Archbishop Pushes Boycott of Companies Building Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

In an open letter published in the Clarion Herald, Archbishop Gregory Aymond cautions New Orleanians and the faith community not to work with or participate in any way with Planned Parenthood’s plans to build a 4.2 million dollar abortion facility on Claiborne Avenue. This letter has made a huge impact on our community! Archbishop Aymond&#8…

Senator Mark Kirk Cancels Pro-Life Group’s Use of Building Saying it “Discriminates”

Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) abruptly canceled access to a Senate Office building meeting room the night before a scheduled Capitol Hill Symposium.

Sen. Kirk’s spokesman, Lance Trover, told a reporter, “Sen. Kirk doesn’t affiliate with groups that discriminate.”

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute asked, ‘Is it discrimination or religious liberty and freedom of speech? A group of taxpaying Americans scheduled a room in one of the nation’s  public buildings to hold a scholarly symposium discussing what we can learn – positively and negatively – from other nations about family policy.”

Building A Medieval Castle In France The Old Way

The Guedelon castle is a typical French medieval chateau-fort being built using the techniques, materials and rules of the 13th Century. It is the brainchild of Michel Guyot, local landowner, and business woman Maryline Martin, now site’s managing […]

Germany Building Memorial for Victims of Nazi Euthanasia Program

The Berlin media is reporting that the German government is building a memorial to all the victims of the T4 Nazi euthanasia program in Berlin.

The article states:

Building work began in Berlin on Monday (right)  for the city’s fourth official monument to victims of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist government.

Tragedy in Philly: Death Toll Rises to 6 in Building Collapse

Death Toll Rises to 6 in Philadelphia Building Collapse

In this photo provided by Jordan McLaughlin, a dust cloud rises as people run from the scene of a building collapse on the edge of downtown Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 5, 2013. A building that was being torn down collapsed with a thunderous boom, raining bricks on a neighboring thrift store, killing 6 and injuring at least 13 other people in an accident that witnesses said was bound to happen. Credit: AP